At 39 years of age, Kamlesh Ranchhod is the youngest chairman of the Durban Country Club. Photo: DCC

DURBAN – Durban Country Club has announced the appointment of the first chairman of colour in its history, Kamlesh Ranchhod, who is also the youngest, at 39 years old.

The club said in a statement that the appointment spoke to the overall refreshed and much needed transformative approach being adopted in the running of the establishment.

Ranchhod, having already served time on the Durban Country Club board as the finance chair, brings a wealth of “experience and core understanding in terms of the rigour and order required to take the club from good to great”.

Ranchhod graduated from UCT with an honours degree in finance and gained experience in banking with Rand Merchant Bank before running family- owned businesses, as well as his own business entities.

“He has spent a number of years on the club’s board and displayed the passion and knowledge required to ensure a sustainable and successful future for the club and its members,” the statement said.

“His appointment further affirms to a new potential membership base that certain stereotypes held about the Durban Country Club are no longer valid and this is the dawning of a new and inclusive chapter for the club.”

The new board is now made up of: Kamlesh Ranchhod (chairman), Pascale van Maris (chief executive), Richard Pemberton, Arshad (Doc) Motala, Errol Stewart, Carlyle Field, Guy Doherty- Bigara, Themba Ngcobo and Lance Whiteford (golf captain).

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