The picture that got the social media all a-twitter, a bandaged Chad le Clos after his op to have his wisdom teeth removed.

Swim sensation Chad le Clos caused a stir when he posted pictures on social networking site Instagram of his head bandaged, along with this cryptic message: “Successful op, thanks for all the support. Very painful recovery ahead.”

His devoted legions of female fans wanted to know what had landed Durban’s golden boy in a hospital bed and, more important, if his trademark good looks had emerged unscathed.

Well, they can rest assured he remains as handsome as ever. As for the surgery, it was nothing too dramatic. He had his wisdom teeth removed this week, his father, Bert, revealed with a chuckle.

“But make no mistake, he has been in a lot of pain.

“He has been at home recovering this week, but he was back in the water on Friday to train. He’s leaving for the World Champs soon. I don’t think being off this week will affect his performance too much.

“His mom and I will be travelling with him to the World Champs,” added Bert.

Chad and the rest of the South African team will be competing in Fina World Swimming Championships in Doha. They leave on Friday.

Chad has also been busy launching his own surf-wear clothing line. There are two ranges, Unbelievable and Ready to Roar. The inspiration for Unbelievable was Chad beating Michael Phelps at the London Olympics.

The Ready to Roar range is inspired by the day of his birth when Bert posted a notice in the paper that said: “The lion roared at 10.15am.”

Each range contains a hoodie, rash vest, low-waist shorts, mid-jammer surf belt and long Bermuda shorts.

Chad was one of a host of locals celebs to raise funds for East Coast Radio’s Toy Story initiative this week.

He recently returned from the Fina Swimming World Cup in Singapore bringing home 27 medals and prize money of $100 000 (R1m).