Fernando Alonso says he has no plans to return to F1 after he retired at the end of last season. Photo: Luca Bruno/Reuters

MANAMA Two-time champion Fernando Alonso repeated on Friday that he has no plans to return to Formula One despite agreeing to test with McLaren next week before adding mischievously: "I don't close doors 100 per cent".

The Spaniard, who retired from F1 at the end of last season, has been occupied in other projects including endurance sportscar racing and rallying.

Talking to reporters at the Bahrain International Circuit on Friday, he said he felt had been so busy testing other cars that he had not had time to miss F1.

"Maybe, if I was relaxing at home, it would be different, but I've been testing many different things so much that I've had not time to miss anything.

"This opportunity, with the Pirelli test, we (McLaren) have a second car and it is an opportunity. When we talked during winter testing, we said if there was any point, or any benefit to the team, it might happen and they decided this is the best moment."

He added that though he did not want to rule out a potential return entirely, he had no plans to come back.

"As I said last year, my idea is not to come back," he said. "I said last year 'bye-bye' and it was because I felt this chapter was already complete -- and I achieved in Formula One a lot more than I had dreamed.

"I had great opportunities outside F1 to do something unprecedented so that's why I took the decision. Coming back is not in the plan.

"But if something happens and a great opportunity arrives I probably will consider it  I don't close doors 100 per cent."