All eyes are on Caster Semenya as South Africas next gold medal hopeful. Photo: Dylan Martinez

Cape Town - Let's cut the controversy. Here are 6 things you actually need to know about extraordinary athlete Caster Mokgadi Semenya.




1. You can call her Cobra

Just like Usain Bolt’s famous lightning bolt victory stance, Semenya has her own celebratory style, and it’s earned her the nickname. After cruising past the finish line in first place, Semenya can be seen with her arms out to the sides as if showing off her biceps, but with the hands turned out - just like a cobra about to strike.


2. Semenya is a classy winner

She wins but never basks in the glory. Videos show her celebrating for a few seconds before turning to her competitors, shaking their hands or hugging them.




3. Her gym routine is brutal

A month ago, she posted a sped-up video of a typical workout. Set to the beats of Jozi’s Gotta Keep it Going, she can be seen doing anything from back extensions to walking forwards and backwards along a track with a resistance band around her legs.




4. She is a clown

When she’s not busy claiming gold medals and world records, she loves clowning around.


5. She has no time for haters

Semenya’s social media profiles are packed with motivational quotes.




6. She is supportive of her teammates



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