Guard thy mouth, Israel, says Morgan Bolton. Photo: Craig Golding/EPA
Guard thy mouth, Israel, says Morgan Bolton. Photo: Craig Golding/EPA
Please think before you speak, Israel, writes Morgan Bolton.
Please think before you speak, Israel, writes Morgan Bolton.

JOHANNESBURG – I hope Israel Folau’s wife, New Zealand international netball player, Maria, doesn’t get involved in the controversy swirling around him.

If she were to defend him, he would have to enact a terrible lesson upon her due to his devote adherence to Christianity, for in Deuteronomy the Bible declares: 

“When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: Then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.”

Okay, I admit that the literal translation involves grabbing the scrotum, but as it stands Maria would be denied any advocacy of her husband’s recent views.


Because the Bible sayeth so.

This might seem an extreme rebuttal, for some of its interpretations of the world are just plain obsolete. And so are Falou’s anti-gay views. Moreover, the Australian rugby player’s dogma is extreme. A month or so ago, he declared with a straight-face, unblinking, that homosexuals were only destined for hell, “unless they repent of their sins and turn to God”.

This past week he did it again, evangelising - on twitter - a staunch, anti-gay American preacher’s views that we live in a time of “sexual perversions,” with specific reference to homosexuals. He dropped this video link with “great love”.

Well Falou, all I’m sensing is irrational hate.

“Alright. No. Well. Fine,” you might say. He is entitled to his opinion. He has the right to free speech and association - some would argue it is his God-given right, while others will insist it is a basic human privilege.

The problem is that while Falou exercises his freedoms, he tramples on the rights of others and speaks words to action without suffering the consequences.

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As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, Falou enjoys a sizeable following in the Polynesian community, a community wherein the rate of suicide amongst individuals battling with their sexuality is five times higher than those who identify as heterosexual.

Imagine your hero, the man you look up to and aspire to be one day, condemning you to the seventh circle of hell, for your actions, your ‘sodomy’, is a violent affront to nature itself.

Former Australian players, peeling out of the woodwork, are right to condemn Falou’s extremist views. As a person of standing, his ideology is nefarious, ill-advised, dangerous, immoral.

So when former Wallaby Clyde Rathbone declares: “It has become painfully clear that Australia’s best rugby player is a religious lunatic bent on self-immolation,” I nod my head in approval. 

And when Tim Horan states: “You can have your say, you can have your thoughts and beliefs but I think when you’re a very high profile person, you’ve got to try and keep those to yourself as much as you can,” I agree.

I applaud All Black backs TJ Perenara and Brad Weber, who both spoke out in support of the gay community in New Zealand and give their coach, Steve Hansen, a thumbs up for supporting their stance. 

Rugby doesn’t need Falou’s antiquated, repugnant views which damages the reputation of the game and its inclusive stance. Australian Rugby, so in the doldrums, doesn’t need such bile to hamper its development.

All Falou should really do is shut his mouth and let people live their lives in peace, irrespective of their sexual orientation and association.

Morgan Bolton

The Star

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