Will Western Province bring the Currie Cup back to Cape Town from Durban, like Deon Fourie and Allister Coetzee did in 2012? Photo: David Ritchie

DURBAN – It’s time for us to part ways, may our paths cross again. Perhaps, one day soon, we will see you laddies and ladettes.

I’m unsure of where or when, but fun times we have had. Some of my picks may have cost you, and others may have washed you!

You bought me joy, more than you can imagine. My return is in your hands now. If you want these Bones to nibble on Fridays beyond this one, you’ll have to put the ball in the hands of the suits and the penny-pinchers.

Anyway, now that the fluffy stuff is over, let’s get on to the meat in these parting bones.

First up, a trip to Kiwi-land. Canterbury are at home to The Tasman Makos, for tomorrow’s Grand Premiership Final.

There is also a young Black and White v Europe’s Province in town. Die hele ding is ’n Du Preez-fest, bangani bami.

Look out for the Province party-poopers.

The precursor is this dawn, with Wellington vs Bay Of Plenty (can you believe it), and this should be a bloody cracker.

I missed all viewing last weekend, thanks to ‘Strange Loving’, but we hear we were 50/50. So, let’s forget the heart and ‘Tata Ma Chance’.

Jump on Welli, on to the Makos, then dip into a Province party-poop in the Shark Tank.

Oh, and don’t be too shocked to see the last of the Du Preez boys back here next year, and in the Green and Gold by World Cup year. You heard it here!

Okay, time to rant.

Nina eSupersport niyabheda! No League Cup, No NFL, No NBA, No Prime Time boxing and ALL day reruns! All for a whopping 9 clips a month! That is just balls.

Kwese, we are waiting. Get a move on with those competitive rights.

Get jacked up, as we will happily welcome a shake-up of the monopoly.

Finally, let’s have our Last Supper in Blighty, which you can at least catch live on the box.

As usual, we have some interesting match-ups, given the results in the past fortnight. Manchester face Spurs at Old Trafford, and we like that Harry Kane’s boys plus draw.

Gooners vs Swans, Liverpool vs Hudders, West Brom vs City and Leicester vs Everton.

Go for home on all, except the City slickers to do the business in Birmingham.

Bayern Munich play cheeky Leipzig, in a repeat of Wednesday’s Cup match (which ended up in a 90-minute draw), and I fancy a different result here.

Go for home to take it, and continue the rebuilding at the Allianz Arena. So, hier is die waarheid... heita! Take these bankers, then buy me a dop next week!

Atletico, Real, Barca, Dortmund, Juventus, Napoli and Roma!

And, since we are throwing these bones for the last time, we might as well double dip:




G-olden Arrows



A-S Roma




It’s been real, Bangani!

The Mercury