Rassie Erasmus looks on during a European Champions Cup match with Munster in 2016. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

PRETORIA - Saru are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. This is pertaining to the appointment of the new Springbok coach to take over from Allister Coetzee.

We know that the wheels of motion don’t quiet move at the required speed but in the case of getting a new man at the helm of the Springboks, Saru are going to have to break free of their archaic habits and get moving rather swiftly.

And there is no reason to delay because the man destined to be ordained as Springbok boss has already been doing the job in the background and has even come out in the media making certain pronouncements about the advanced stage of the national team’s planning for the June series against England.

So that secret - nothing is ever a secret at Saru - about Rassie Erasmus taking over the reins should no longer be a secret and the mother body must just come out with it.

As obvious as it is that Erasmus is the chosen one, Saru are seemingly reluctant to come out and anoint their crown prince for fear that all that Coetzee spewed in his ill-fated letter is true.

But at the same time, their delay tactics could come back to bite them with the cloud of uncertainty hanging over their most prized brand. The sooner Erasmus is unveiled the better.

Erasmus has already met all the Super Rugby coaches, heard their plans, conveyed his plans and returned to the drought stricken Cape hopeful that he can water life back into the ailing Springboks as everyone seems to be singing from the same hymn.

But it is not just the coaches that Erasmus’ appointment must appease but all the stakeholders from the players, sponsors and fans. The players need to know where they stand with regards to their international careers.

For some players this could be the end of the road for them, especially those that could do no wrong in Coetzee’s eyes and for some the hope is there that they too can finally live out their dreams of wearing the Green and Gold.

Then there is the issue of identifying and getting agreements into place with the players based abroad which Erasmus is apparently doing at the moment.

Beyond the players is Erasmus’ backroom staff, which also has allegedly been concluded, they too need to get planning and familiarising themselves with the players and putting to place that series winning blueprint against England.

More importantly though, Saru have to speed things up for the sake of their most important stakeholder, the fans.

All of this uncertainty and ploy to keep silent is not only excluding the fans but it is driving them away from the game and to other forms of entertainment that doesn’t get their blood pressure boiling. But Saru must know that with the speed that comes with appointing a Springbok coach and getting things working in time, that too will prove how inept most of the administrators in rugby are in running a professional entity. What should have been a process better handled two years ago, has now turned into a circus that will hamper the game of rugby in this country.

This is all because a bunch of power hungry men were too scared, and probably clueless, to make the right decision. And now faced with the same dilemma they are still stumbling over their feet in something as simple as appointing their man and standing by that decision regardless of what happens.

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