Will Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrate like this in Kiev on Saturday night? Photo: Peter Powell/EPA

DURBAN – It’s a mighty weekend ahead of us, with most of the footy done.

Just you wait, because there is still a bit more to come. For now, we can concentrate on other sensational sports. So let’s go…

The SuperSport studio chaos was rife; so much hatred, name-calling and debating.

The truth being, of course, it’s a conversation that needs to be had, on an open platform amongst all of us who are interested in engaging openly and truthfully.

Most importantly, it must be done respectfully, with egos and name-calling checked at the door.

It’s related to a number of factors that need to be heard and understood, from both sides, that is.

“Privilege” is the pertinent word here, and that doesn’t mean “wealth” – nor does it mean that you don’t work and earn your own.

A friend said to me earlier in the week via messaging: “Kids growing up shouldn’t be exposed to this hatred... It must be addressed and respected... we have the opportunity to change the narrative and speak life into one another”.

Amen, I say! Shout out, Guz Luz Deluxe!

We ALL need a dop, some nyama and a chat.

Ashwin, Nick, Naas and Motshidisi aside, it’s the Champions League that’s about to come alive.

Salah, who goes by the name Mo.

Ronaldo, his name is Cristiano.

Who amongst these two titans of the game has the right to claim the Ballon d’Or fame?

Can Cristiano Ronaldo get the better of Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final? Photo: Francisco Seco/AP

These two teams have the love of Europe, though Madrid have the lion’s share of the continent’s silverware. The Scousers never walk alone in Europe, and they certainly won’t be chicken in Kiev.

Zinedine Zidane’s boys are the favourites at 11/10, with Jurgen Klopp’s marching army sitting at 19/10. That is a tasty dip – no doubt!

Look into the “Match-bet & both teams to score”, I say. With this being a final, go ‘Away & Yes’, which is a saucy 5/2.

Madrid are the “home” team, though, the Scouse singing may drown them out come Saturday at 8.45pm.

We also have the small matter of the IPL’s Chennai Super Kings, who are back in another final after their two-year sabbatical.

Plenty of those in the cricket world, ne? Now, we’re waiting to see whether the Sun Rises, or if it’s all about the Knights in Kolkata on Friday night? 

I say go for the Hyderabad light tonight, and these Bones see canaries in bright yellow for Sunday’s showpiece in Mumbai.

Driving into the small country of the Monegasque, with the A-List crowds in a scene that is anything but picturesque, will ze German Sebastian give it a go, or is it Hamilton who does it again in Monaco?

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton walks in the paddock prior in Monaco this week. Photo: Luca Bruno/AP

The gap for Vettel is getting rather sparse, so qualifying is vital for the prancing horse. 

Back the red of the Tifosi, or those that give you wings to perhaps cause an upset at qualifying, otherwise it’s lights out and well done Lewis.

In the hoops, LeBron will pull through for the Cavs, but it’s Steph’s Warriors who may come short against the Rockets. Trust these bones.

In rugby, we have quite a dish, with the Sunwolves kids being the latest pimps! It’s squeaky-bum time now, but here are a few quick-fire tips to tuck into.

The Canes will come right in a tight game away from home, and the Sunwolves migh... eish, they meet the Rebels next, who might end their run?

We hope not at 8/1, so go with the plus – you are sure to come right.

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The Sharks visit the Jaguares, and this should be a V for the “Saarks” by midnight.

The rest should be “away” wins, except the Bulls.

So go Waratahs, Highlanders, Lions and Saracens (shout out to Dub Barritt again for the final), all to win on the road.

Come on, outies, let’s go get that money right!


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