Every Friday we look at the latest sportswear trends from around the world.
Every Friday we look at the latest sportswear trends from around the world.

SPORTS DRIPS: Get that summer body ready while looking good

By Partnered Content Time of article published Nov 6, 2020

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Are you back at the gym? Now that we are in Level 1 of the nationwide Lockdown most recreation facilities are open for use, and, if you are a gym fanatic, this is amazing news.

You can now attempt to get into shape and your summer body might be more than just a possibility.

If you are serious about being in the gym, looking good and feeling comfortable while training is a must. So let’s look at all the new Covid-19 gym laws and regulations and what is the best gym gear available on the market.

SPORTS DRIPS will look and gear suitable for men and women, so that we look and feel good while burning off some calories.

What is the basic gym gear needed? You need a gym towel, water bottle, comfortable sneakers, gym clothes and a MASK.

Hygiene is a major issue and their will be sanitizers at every training station in the major gyms. If your gym does not comply with these regulations ,please safe guard yourself and keep a small hand sanitizer with you.

Your gym gear should be washed daily and kept clean, in the past I have experienced many gym members who use the same dirty towel for months and this is simply unhygienic for you and your fellow gym members.

Covid-19 makes us very conscience of being more clean at all times. If you are a Virgin Active member they have asked all patrons to keep their masks on unless they are doing vigorous training and place it back immediately once done.

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, New Balance, Asics, Maxed, Reebok and many othe brands have a huge range of gym wear, but what is the hottest trends at the moment?

Lets start with the ladies: Ladies gym wear is so popular and comfortable that I often see ladies wearing them in the malls or at grocery stores. It seems to be a huge fashion trend at the moment.

What is the easiest and stylish ladies gym gear – Yoga pants, a t-shirt with comfortable sneakers.

We look at a new local brand starting out called Urbanite by Shagen Williams from the Eastern Cape. They offer a really comfortable matching Yoga pants and sports bra which is made with a soft breathable fabric designed to make movement easier.

This simple yet elegant designed leggings with high waisted fit allows you to perform your workout with unbeatable ease of movement and confidence.

These are available in 3 cool modern colours. Check out their social media pages: Urbanite.

Nike are always setting the trend and their PRO range is amazing with super comfortable leggings and baselayers for your movement and agility.

The most unique gym range is the Hijab range which caters for Muslim women around the world, this makes gym so much easier. Following the success of the Nike Pro Hijab, the sports brand has unveiled the Victory Swim collection – a range of apparel that brings performance innovation to modest swimwear.

This will make swimming in public or gym pools comfortable for muslim women.

Under Armour has seen the gap in the market and designed a high technology based mask for your work out.

The Under Armour mask.

LAYER 1: SPACER FABRIC: It is light but has air pockets for structure, so it stays off the mouth and nose for better airflow.

LAYER 2: OPEN-CELL FOAM: The breathable middle layer lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass.

LAYER 3: UA ISO-CHILL: This fabric feels cool against the skin, stretches, and is treated with PROTX2™, a non-metal anti-microbial technology which inhibits growth of bacteria on the mask.

Adidas has Stella McCartney collaboration range which is designed for women specifically they have everything you need for gym from clothes to sneakers which is priced at a premium rate.

On the gents side, all we need a is a shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and we are good to go … but with technology becoming so advanced, many guys are using compression pants or baselayers to assist with recovery of the muscles and its more comfortable.

I have been enjoying a light weight running shirt with a compression pants and comfortable sneakers. The t-shirt needs to be breathable and not get too heavy once you break a sweat.

Depending what exercise you attempt the sneaker you wear is very important – If you doing cardio a basic running sneaker or cross trainer will be perfect. If you doing weight training a flatter sole comfortable sneaker will be suitable to assist with your balance.

The is cool brand I have seen my mate Zweli Dube wear which looks really amazing with is chiseled physique. Boxeur is a French brand which is associated with boxing and fitness.

Zweli Dube

The most important for me in the gym is to look presentable and be hygienic. Gym etiquette is also needed so that everyone can be comfortable during their work out.

The gym for me is a place where I can release some stress and take out all the bad energy before I head home to my family.


“Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” —Jerry Rice

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By Sundesh Mahes

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