Conor McGregor must turn the fight into a brawl to stand any chance against Floyd Mayweather. Photo: John Locher, AP
DURBAN  Leeeeeeeet’s get ready to grumble! The great Money Farce is upon us, folks.

In one corner, the undisputed champion, two years retired, creator of ‘The Money Team’,  Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, TBE (The Best Ever) and the undisputed 49-0 man.

In the other corner, The Irish pauper (well, pauper no more) who packs a punch, and is King of the Octagon in Mixed Martial Arts, Mr Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor.

The value lies in the fight not going the distance  at least for us spectators. If it goes 12 rounds, it will prove Conor was worth the hype (he may be paid more the longer he stays up, vele), and it also suits ‘Money’, as that’s his game  and probably his safest route to the precious ‘W’.

Bookies worldwide have varied, but the favoured result is victory to the boxer Floyd, by unanimous decision. That is at the measly average price of 3/10.

These Bones beg to differ, though, in a kamikaze 2017. I sense a knockout, but the longer the fight goes on, the better chances the boxer has.

I think the chopped-up Irish bloke must turn this into an all-out brawl in the early stages.

This will get the Irish crowd in strong voice, and perhaps galvanise an already hyped Conor to have a dip at ‘The Money’ and upset his usual rhythm.

The eternal truth about boxing is that it only takes one punch, baba, and it can come from anywhere.

The longer the fight goes on, the better for Floyd Mayweather. Photo: John Locher, AP

Of late, we’ve seen the best end careers with a whimper rather than a roar. Think Mo Farah, Usain ‘without the lightning’ Bolt, the All Blacks against the Lions... sometimes it’s not supposed to be a fairytale.

Beware of an energised Conor, with bigger frame and hopefully with a brawl mentality to maybe land one early.

Knockout odds for the Irish are 20/1 in the opening round, then 18/1 for the next three. I’d say look to ‘The Money’ ending it in round four at 16/1, or 14/1 for rounds six and seven.

I may be clutching, as knockouts is all I’ve wanted from Floyd in almost a decade  and seen flames! But the cocky Irish, with a tattoo or 10, may bring him out of his shell, and it could cost him.

Mayweather can end as The Best Ever, with 50-0 across two decades (eclipsing Rocky Marciano’s record), and through four weight divisions. Or, he could walk away as a rich loser who underestimated the game, got greedy and took it a step too far.

Away from the bright lights of Vegas in the wee hours of Sunday, everything else seems quite insignificant.

There is another the return round of Rugby Championship fixtures, and Mzansi and All Blacks should both still win.

But our score may be tighter, and the Aussie canaries may get plucked. The books give a spread of -7.5 points for the Boks and -28.5 for the All Blacks. 

Take both, and dollop it on to the footy. The EPL should have an upset or two, as the new season dust settles and some teams recover from midweek madness.

My top picks for pre-fight are ‘High flying’ Hudders (5/2) at dladla to Southampton (11/10), while United at (3/10) take on ‘loose’ Leicester at (17/2).

Post-fight Sunday, along with some Shisa Nyama vibes, is the unsure Chelsea (4/10) hosting dark horses Everton (13/2).

‘Coutinho-less’ Scousers are (11/10) at home to Gooners (22/10) before ‘erratic’ Spurs (2/10) host Burnley (12/1).

The bookies clearly have one eye on Vegas, because those prices are nuts!

The Mercury