Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is out of the hospital following three surgeries after being shot in the back at a bar in the Dominican Republic. Photo: Charles Krupa/AP Photo

After nearly seven weeks in the hospital following a mistaken assassination attempt, retired Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz is happy to be home.

On Monday morning, he posted a series of photos of steak, grilled fish and pasta from an apparent weekend celebration.

"Being at home and look at my family celebrating that Im here safe is priceless," Ortiz wrote, also thanking fans for their prayers.

Ortiz, who was released from Massachusetts General Hospital on Friday, acknowledged he wasn't up to the scrumptious menu.

"Too bad l can't crush food yet!!!!"

In addition to his social media post, Ortiz released a statement Monday, thanking the Red Sox, his fans and the medical professionals who helped treat him.

Ortiz was shot in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic on June 9, incorrectly targeted in an assassination attempt. He was flown to the Boston hospital the following day and, in all, underwent three surgical procedures.

A family source told ESPN on Saturday that Ortiz, 43, will continue his recuperation at home, aided by full-time nurses. The statement said Ortiz will spend the next few weeks focusing on recovery.

"I am feeling good but know I need to do my rehab just like I did when I was recovering from injuries playing baseball," Ortiz said in the statement. "Big Papi will be back soon."