Graeme Smith says he feels he wouldn’t have had the ‘level of freedom and support to initiate the required changes’ in the local game. Photo: BackpagePix

Five weeks or 32 days to the first Test against England and what the hell is going on in our cricket?

No coach, no selectors, no director of cricket, no Biff, no clue if the Proteas will be ready come December 26. This is the pressing issue our panel discusses this week, as Stuart Hess expertly leads our athletic guru Ockert de Villiers, football reporter Mihlali Baleka and Gauteng’s sports editor Morgan Bolton through the labyrinth of self-inflicted harm the CSA has caused.

In PART 1 we discuss not watching Bafana Bafana v Ghana, because, you know TV politics, and having to rely on dodgy Russian sites to even have a peek at the game.

 In PART II Stuart Hess tries to dissect the mess that Thabang Moreo has made for himself and CSA as the English tour to South Africa looms large and if watching the MSL amounts to torture.

 IN PART III we get to see our golden girl, Caster Semenya, from the perspective of one of her closest allies, her lawyer. Listen in as Ockert de Villiers explains the special relationship that they share, which transcends the track, the IAAF and the law.

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