The tough-as-teak sons of the African soil were expected to bliksem the weakling Japanese. But the manne in green-and-gold were given a public humiliation by the Land of the Rising Sun, in front of the world, says the writer.

Johannesburg - The defeat of the South African rugby team against Japan necessitated the long call for the transformation of the team, said the ANC Youth League said in a statement on Sunday.

“The South African people have watched with shame the losing of the South African team over an inexperienced rugby team of Japan in the World Cup group stages. The South African rugby structures that are feeding to the national team remain untransformed with high vigilance on guarding against black talent from accessing its structures that remain the preserves to few privileged people in South Africa,” said the Youth League.

“The loss of that white dominated team vindicates the ANCYL that talent and excellence knows no skin colour or creed. The ANCYL in the Eastern Cape calls on all South Africans to boycott this team of losers and participate in the majority call for the South African team to be representative of all country loving people who excel in rugby, but remain excluded by the systematic structures that feed the so called national team.

“The ANCYL in the province of Eastern Cape know those enjoying the privileges and are in high echelons of the currents arrangement has been mischievously and incorrectly pronouncing lack of commitment to selecting players of colour as lack of talent and achievement, while they know the prohibiting factor is their system created to exclude such talent and commitment.

“The failure of the team will help all South Africans to urgently go to the table for proper discussions about the transformation of rugby and other untransformed sporting codes in South Africa.”

African News Agency