Former Springbok centre Danie Gerber(middle) has tested positive for Covid-19. Photo: Gallo
Former Springbok centre Danie Gerber(middle) has tested positive for Covid-19. Photo: Gallo

Former Springbok Danie Gerber tests positive for Covid-19

By Sports Reporter Time of article published Mar 28, 2020

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Former Springbok player Danie Gerber is the latest high profile South African to test positive for Covid-19 after he was diagnosed on Friday. 

In an interview at 10pm on Friday night with the Herald Live ( in Port Elizabeth, Gerber said he getting the results was quite a blow.

“I am shocked. I cannot believe it. I am just worried about my family now. They are now awaiting results.”

According to the article Gerber elaborated on how he had been on several different aircraft over the past two weeks which included flights between Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

“I have no clue where I could have gotten it. I have been playing golf in several places and travelling all over (SA). I have been on six aircraft and in contact with a lot of people.

“Whoever I have been in contact with, please check for symptoms and get yourself tested," he said.

Gerber said he started to feel unwell earlier this week when his body had been sore and he got a fever.

“I was in pain and went to get it checked out. I then went to the drive-through test centre (in Port Elizabeth) on Thursday and they phoned me on Friday afternoon.

"I am shocked that I was positive.

“I am currently at home in a room that I cannot leave. It is starting to sink in and it is very scary.”

Gerber is now in self-isolation by advice from his doctor.

“When you do the test you fill in the forms and state where you have been. So they (the department of health) have it but they have not contacted me.

“I am feeling fine besides feeling sore. I have no other symptoms, no cough or anything like that. Luckily I stay fairly fit so I think that has helped me as well.”

Gerber, has already had a triple bypass heart surgery and hopes his current condition doesn't worsen. 

“So I am a bit worried about that but my doctor said that if symptoms manifest I need to call them. At the moment I am fine,” he said.

“I must say that it is going to be very challenging staying inside one bedroom for two weeks.”

Gerber has implored his fellow citizens to adhere to the regulation of the 21-day lockdown.

“I see on social media and everywhere that people are still walking and driving around. It is total madness. Stay at home! This is serious and I can tell you that it can happen to anyone.”

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