The Tuks team at the Dubai 7s. Photo: Tuks Ladies 7s Rugby on facebook
The Tuks team at the Dubai 7s. Photo: Tuks Ladies 7s Rugby on facebook

Tuks Women Sevens flying the flag at home and abroad

By Herman Gibbs Time of article published Apr 23, 2020

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PRETORIA – In the world of women’s Sevens rugby, the Pretoria-based Delta Drone team’s championship feats are unmatched.

For many years now, the team which has attracted players from various parts of Europe, have won several international events. Over the past decade, they have won tournaments in Germany, France, Spain and Belgium. Along the way, they have also beaten national teams. They started out on the international stage long before the South African national women’s Sevens team participated in events abroad.

As a result of the national lockdown, things at the team’s base have come to a standstill but coach Riaan van der Merwe has ensured the passion for the game will continue to have a significant role in the lives of the players. The team’s support staff have made a video in which the ball is being virtually passed from the University of Pretoria to other players in SA before being passed to France Romania and the Ukraine.

Veteran Tuks player Libbie Janse van Rensburg. Photo: Tuks Ladies 7s Rugby on facebook

“Over the last few years, Tuks has become an international team. We have quite a few European players,” said Van der Merwe, who is also the coach of the national women’s university team. “The idea is to show our passion and commitment despite not being able to play.

“The former captain of France’s women’s Sevens team Johanna Barde is currently stuck in a small apartment in France. The same goes for Maryna Borodina in the Ukraine and Andrea Atomi in Romania. They are all playing for Tuks.

“Things are not that different in Pretoria. It has been nearly four weeks since we last had a formal training session.

“We were scheduled to play two tournaments in France and one in Spain, but all have been postponed.

“The Oktoberfest Tournament in Munich has been cancelled. There is a real chance that we might only compete in two tournaments (over the rest of the year).”

The Tuks team at the Dubai 7s. Photo: Tuks Ladies 7s Rugby on facebook


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