Kirsten Teasdale pictured on social media. Photo: @blitzbokke on twitter

CAPE TOWN – Johannesburg’s Kirsten Teasdale had social-media ablaze since this weekend after she was pictured by British newspaper the Daily Mail at the Rugby World Cup semi-final match between the Springboks and Wales.

Teasdale, an avid rugby supporter, was pictured in a flowing ball-gown in the rainbow colours of the South African flag at the Yokohama Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

The Springboks beat Wales to advance to the Rugby World Cup Final against England at the same venue next Saturday.

Kirsten Teasdale pictured at the Yokohama Stadium in Japan. Photo: Nina Pearce on facebook

A proud rugby and Springboks supporter, Teasdale said that she and her husband has attended every Springboks RWC match and has been wearing this South African ball-gown for the seven Bok matches. She added that several Springboks players have autographed the dress throughout the tournament.

A close friend, Ingrid Rose added that the have been watching local and international matches since their school days, never missing an international match at the Newlands stadium in Cape Town.

The dress itself, Rose added, was designed and made by Teasdale herself.

Kirsten Teasdale with a local fan at the Yokohama Stadium. Photo: Ilse Oosthuizen on facebook
Kirsten Teasdale pictured at the Yokohama Stadium. Photo: twitter

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