South African rugby fans at Sammy Marks Square in Pretoria couldn't hide their disappointment on Wednesday after it was announced that France will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Photo: Christiaan Kotze/EPA

South African rugby fans in Cape Town were not amused on Wednesday after France was awarded the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Lance Witbooi – Heilbron

I’m sad. Hosting the World Cup would have done a lot to relieve a lot of economic pressure. Also, it’s a massive event, one to look forward to. So it’s really sad that we won’t be hosting it.

Angus Opperman – Milnerton

I’m shocked. At the very least I thought if we wouldn’t get it, Ireland would. France’s bid wasn’t the best anyway, so it’s shocking. We were the recommended hosts, and for some reason, we didn’t get it.

I’m really shocked, and I guess we’re not the safest country, it probably came down to safety concerns. But they also had to keep in mind that come 2023, we could possibly have a different government.

And are France going to use stadia in Wales and England again like they did the last time? We’ll see. But if so, that will be a big joke in my eyes. So ja, I’m disappointed, and I still feel that South Africa deserve it more than France and Ireland.

Clement Trout – Belhar

I’m very disappointed as it would have been good for the country in many ways. Also, I hope that all the officials within government and the rugby fraternity get their house in order. People are watching us and their doings affect the country.

Neil Elliot – Fisantekraal

I’m lekker angry about this whole story. We were considered to be the favourites, and France – who were only second on the bloody list – ended up getting it. For what reason did we not get it? Is it because the Springboks played so poorly on Saturday, and secondly, what is the safest place at the moment... France, really?

They’re getting bombed and shot at and run over by supposed ISIS terrorists, so how safe is France? The whole of Europe is like that, and that can overrun into England and Ireland.

What is happening in Cape Town? Nothing. The only thing we’re swearing at is the bloody Springboks at the moment, and now we’ve got to swear at the fact that we’ve lost the World Cup bid. So I’m pretty bef*k.

Mpumelelo Hlophe – Brackenfell

I’m disappointed, because we all know that in ’95, the World Cup played a vital role for us as South Africans. I looked forward to something like that again, and I’m super disappointed.


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