It is pretty pathetic, says Shana Power of the decision to cancel her fight at EFC72. Photo: Anton Geyser

It’s been a sad and disappointing week for women’s MMA down in Cape Town.

Not only will Cape fans have to wait even longer to see the ladies battle it out in the Grand Arena hexagon, but the mere fact that we don’t get to celebrate the females of MMA and sport just two days after Women’s Day is the worst part of it all.

With only three days to go before Shana Power was set to take on Paulwetu Namba at EFC72, IOL Sport were informed that their fight was called off.

Due to medical reasons, EFC’s Dr Ewoudt would not allow Power to cut to 57kg following the incident at EFC54, where her body gave in and she started clotting during the process of cutting weight for her fight.

“This was news to me, and the EFC as we signed the fight contract eight weeks ago, and this was only brought to our attention five days out from the fight. We were on track and ready for the cut and prepared to make the 57kg,” said Power.

The FFM athlete was then asked to move up to catchweight.

“We thought the opposing team would be fine with that. But after a week of back and forth, they were reluctant to go up to catchweight, which I’ve never heard of in my life. It is pretty pathetic.

“Lots of time and money has been invested in putting this fight together. It would’ve been amazing to have a female fight in Cape Town,” says EFC VP Graeme Cartmell.

It is a disappointing story, especially taking into consideration that no cutting would have to be done, which is usually the hardest for most fight camps. 

“These disappointments happen. I am upset, and my heart bleeds for the fans and sponsors who backed me to get here,” said Power.

“I have to carry on, keep training and just working to get better every time. And as I soon as I can, I will sit with Graeme and the team, and we just need to understand why this keeps on happening. It all depends on what the doctor says.

“I can’t keep on being put in these situations with my weight. If there is a doctor (medical) clause that will be put in place, that is going to decide when the fans and everybody see me next.

“I just need to make sure my health is there. I am ready to fight, I was more than ready to fight and put on a show, but unfortunately the doctor intervened, and it was out of our control.

Hey Guys, I am extremely sad and disappointed about the announcement. My team and I were ready and preparing for our upcoming fight when Dr Ewoudt called (EFC DR) and said he will not allow me to cut to 57kgs after the incident at EFC 50 as he hasn’t cleared me. This was news to me and The EFC as we signed the fight contract 8weeks ago and this was only brought to our attention 5days out from the fight. We were on track and ready for the cut and prepared to make 57kgs. However, Dr Ewoudt said I would not be able to cut to 57kgs for this event and only be able to cut to 59Kgs and he would approve that. When Graeme called my opponent to fight at a catch weight, 59Kgs, she refused. The EFC and my team did everything they could to make her meet me at 59Kgs. I would like to apologize to my sponsors and fans for the inconvenience. This was out of our control. Thank you to my team: Garreth, Costa, Niel, Dimitri and Rory for preparing me and walking this journey with me. We will only become better. To my wife, you have been incredible and I am so lucky to have you by my side. Thank you for always being there for me. This is not the end, just a little bump in the road. We will be meeting with Graeme, Dr Ewoudt and the EFC to see where we can put me down to fight next. Thank you to @efcgraeme and @efcworldwide for your support in this time. See you guys soon. Titanium x #wmma #mma #titanium #efc72 #efc #iamtitanium #primalrevolution #nike #nikeathlete #greatness #phit #boxing #muaythai #graciebarrakyalami

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“I love Cape Town. I made my debut here. I really wanted to fight here.”

Power vs Namba was replaced on the main card on Saturday night by prelim fight Justin Smith vs Giovanni Pretorius.

Main Card, live at 9.30pm on SABC3

Van Staden vs Mazany (5-round lightweight championship)

G Drotschie vs Ebanks (middleweight)

Jacobs vs Madiba (bantamweight)

J Smith vs Pretorius (welterweight)

Michael vs Scheepers (welterweight)

Prelim Card (live on Facebook at 5.30pm)

Kayambula vs Simoes (featherweight)

W Smith vs Djikasa (heavyweight)

Muyambo vs Mukulu (welterweight)

Jones vs Mailer (featherweight)

Cundari vs Drotschie (lightweight)



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