Danny Jordaan: I am not an informer. I come from an area were informers got killed. Photo: Ryan Wilkisky/BackpagePix
Danny Jordaan: I am not an informer. I come from an area were informers got killed. Photo: Ryan Wilkisky/BackpagePix

Danny Jordaan denies being a CAF 'impimpi'

By Malik Said Time of article published Jul 22, 2019

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CAIRO – An angry Danny Jordaan hit out at people who labelled him an informer after he replaced Amaju Pinnick as the third deputy president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

The president of the South African Football Association (Safa) got this post during CAF’s general assembly on Thursday where new members of the executive committee were also voted in.

It is alleged that Pinnick led a plan to oust CAF president Ahmad Ahmad who is facing a litany of charges of corruption and was even brought in by the French authorities for questioning regarding the deal with Technical Steel. Ahmad unilaterally broke a contract with Puma to get kits from the French company instead, going against the norm as CAF had always dealt directly with the German sporting apparel.

The allegations go as far as to say that Jordaan ran to Ahmad with the information of the plot against him, which led to Jordaan being “rewarded” with the third deputy president position.

“That is disgusting,” Jordaan said.


“I told them, you must never say that. I come from a liberation movement. One of the things that isn’t allowed in a liberation movement, is informers which we call ‘impimpi’ in South Africa. It is despicable, disgusting and it is a denial of my merits.

“Tell me that I don’t have the merit. I am the only one on the African continent who has actually organised a World Cup which was voted the best World Cup ever at the time.

“Why must I do it now?”

Jordaan’s ambition has always been to sit at the highest table at CAF and Fifa. He has struggled to do that as he has lost countless of elections.

“I have contested many positions that I didn’t win. Why didn’t I go to Issa (Hayatou) then or Ahmad earlier to tell them stories? No! It’s not me,” Jordaan said. “This comes from people who are obsessed (with power) and started leaking those stories.

“I did go to the journalists who ran those stories. I told them, you don’t know what it means to be an informer, an impimpi. I know.

“I come from the Eastern Cape where if you are labelled an informer, that’s the end of you. You get killed. From my own experience, it’s too disgusting to even contemplate responding to these things.

“So, no (I didn’t do that). I serve because I believe that I can make a contribution. Somebody must stand up and tell me, you don’t have the competency and therefore you mustn’t run for this position.”

The current CAF leadership finds itself in troubled waters with a dark cloud hanging over their president and the organisation.

To solve their woes, they have asked for assistance from Fifa who then tasked their general secretary Fatma Samoura with the job of helping CAF turn things around. Samoura will start her tenure as Fifa General Delegate for Africa on August 1.

“We have to acknowledge that there issues that need to be addressed,” Jordaan said.

“Where do you go for such assistance? Who is the most appropriate person or persons?

“A few years ago, Fifa were also in a crisis. They managed to turn things around and that’s what we want to also do.”

Malik Said

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