Gay Mokoena
Gay Mokoena

Safa president Danny Jordaan: 'The Gay report is nonsense'

By Minenhle Mkhize Time of article published May 13, 2020

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DURBAN - Former Safa acting chief executive Gay Mokoena blasted Danny Jordaan in his recent report to the National Executive Committee, but the Safa president has rubbished the allegations against him.

Jordaan defended himself after he was accused of running Safa without following the federation’s constitution, and the president is now accusing Mokoena of sour grapes after his report was leaked to the media.

“Any CEO who talks nonsense must go through the report and see what they said while they were a CEO. You know nothing about your company and now that you are no longer a CEO, you attack your company. It is not correct. This behaviour is unacceptable. Why is it always on the African continent,” Jordaan said.

The document which was intended for the NEC members outlined a number of challenges facing Safa and how Jordaan takes decisions without consulting relevant parties or those who have the power to do so.

“You know when (Portuguese manager) Jose Mourinho left Chelsea, they called him to talk nonsense about Chelsea. He said, ‘one thing you must never do as a professional is to blast your former employer’. He said, ‘I’ve worked well at Chelsea and I have nothing bad to say about Chelsea’, because they were trying to get him to talk nonsense about (Chelsea owner Roman) Abramovich,” Jordaan said.

“The Gay report is nonsense.”

The Jordaan-Mokoena saga is now expected to be on the agenda of the NEC. “Gay is still our vice-president and we differ on this matter. This matter will go before the NEC to deal with. He should report to the board first and matters must be dealt with there first and not to spread things all over. The association has not even been given the right to respond. We’ve now responded. He cannot defend what he has put on paper,” Jordaan said.

Asked about his relationship with Mokoena, the Safa president said: “We’ve been friends for many years but the speed wobble came and sometimes it is difficult, you don’t know the impact. Money is the root of all evil, as they say. We will hope that this is not the case. The NEC must settle the issue and then we will take it from there.”


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