Dortmund fans show a banner with the face of Hoffenheim's sponsor Dietmar Hopp behind a target sign during a Bundesliga against Hoffenheim. Photo: Michael Probst/AP Photo

FRANKFURT  The German Football Association (DFB) is to investigate Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund, it said Monday, after fans of the latter held up insulting banners and engaged in abusive chants towards Hoffenheim president Dietmar Hopp during the weekend's 1-1 draw.

Dortmund will be investigated for the unsporting behaviour of their support and damage caused to the away section of the Hoffenheim ground. Hoffenheim will be probed for inadequate stewarding.

One huge banner showed a drawing of Hopp's face behind a cross-hair pointer.

Earlier Monday, a lawyer representing Hoffenheim and Hopp called for stricter handling of such situations.

"In such cases in the future, a game should not even be started or at least not until the posters are removed," the sports law expert Christoph Schickhardt told Kicker magazine.

Match referee Harm Osmer started the match as usual despite the banner, which carried the tagline 'Hasta la vista, Hopp', being unveiled before kick-off and again a few minutes into the game.

Hopp, 78, is the co-founder of software giants SAP and was allowed to take over the club because he has invested heavily into them for more than 20 years, bypassing the 50+1 rule which stipulates that club members must hold a majority stake.


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