EFF members sporting their famous red berets. Picture: Matthews Baloyi

Cape Town – Berets are all the rage in South Africa at the moment. My newspaper even ran a story on the front page this week with an illustration of the correct way to wear it. Julius Malema likes a red one, but so does the ANC Youth League. Some prefer their berets to complement their eyes, while others wear it to feel a bit militant.

The policemen guarding the teams in Cape Town during the African Nations Championships have also been wearing berets, blue ones of course.

And this has made them a tad overzealous, especially when one has to attend a Bafana Bafana training session. Of course they are only doing their job to try and keep the national team safe, but in some cases they have just been downright rude when dealing with the press or fans trying to get a glimpse of Gordon Igesund’s team.

Maybe it’s because the berets are not the ideal headgear in these summer months in Cape Town. And maybe they are just a bit agitated because of the sweat pouring into their eyes.

Or maybe it’s because they weren’t properly briefed and thought an open training session was closed, and that anybody who comes close to the practice venue should be evicted like a contestant on Big Brother who got the least votes.

I suspect it was the latter, as Chan’s organisation hasn’t been perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination. Watching the police operate with their berets gave me an idea – maybe the organisers should throw in a beret with every ticket so that they can actually get people to the stadiums to watch Chan.

The empty stadium made a lot of us cringe in the media seats, and there were suggestions that the person who decided on a 5pm kickoff for Bafana should be relieved of their berets. In Cape Town, comrades, we only stop looking at the mountain from our office windows at 5pm.

Maybe coach Igesund must get a few berets for his team to inspire them to go for glory. Not that he needs it, though, because Igesund has been militant enough at press conferences trying to explain why he needed to pick his best team for this tournament.

And it looks as if the players are all a bit “gatvol” of being asked about the merits of the tournament.

So pull your beret straight. There are still two weeks of Chan left.


@IIKHUNE_32_16 (Ithumeleng Khune): Thanx once again for your undying support,we’ll definitely make u proud throughout the tournament.keep supporting Team Bafana.* RESPECT*

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@aguerosergiokun: I want to thank City’s fans for the warm welcome. And also all of the physicians and therapists of @MCFC that helped me recover.

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