Iran could not play their Olympic qualifiers because of the ban on their hijab.

Zurich – The global football players' union is backing a campaign to change Fifa's laws of the game by allowing Islamic women to wear hijabs.

FifPro spokeswoman Frederique Winia said: “The current ban on wearing headscarves for religious reasons is discrimination.”

Football's rules-making panel outlawed hijabs for safety reasons in 2007, and will consider lifting the ban at a March 3 meeting in England.

FifPro is backing Fifa vice president Prince Ali of Jordan, who will show the panel a headscarf held in place by a Velcro fastener.

Since the ban, Fifa has allowed Islamic players to wear a cap which some objected to because it exposes their neck.

The dispute was highlighted when Iran's women team forfeited 2012 Olympics qualifying matches last year. – Sapa-AP