Harry Kane has credited his partner as the person who has helped him in his career. Photo: Carl Recine/Reuters

LONDON Harry Kane counts England manager Gareth Southgate as a "father figure" but his 12th man as it were is his fiancee and childhood sweetheart Kate Goodland, he told The Times.

The 25-year-old  who returned to the starting line-up for Saturday's game against Burnley after a seven match absence due to an ankle injury  says Goodland has been his sounding board in good times and bad since they first started dating aged 18 having initially met at primary school.

However, the striker admits his lack of emotion is the one thing that riles her.  

"I was very emotional when my children were born, but I've never been a big crier, and I think it winds Kate up," said Kane, who has two daughters with Goodland two-year-old Ivy and Vivienne, six months old.

"She's said, 'If you don't cry when I'm walking down the aisle on our wedding day, then I'm turning around.'"

Despite this one reservation, though, Kane says she has been his rock through the highs and the lows he was initially loaned-out by Spurs to Orient, Millwall, Norwich and Leicester before making his mark. 

"Oh, 100 per cent," Kane  coming off a superb 2018 which saw him score 62 goals for club and country and skipper England to their first World Cup semi-final since 1990  says of her being his 12th man. 

"I've been with her now since I was 18 years old – she's been there through all the ups and the downs.

"She's been with me when I’ve been successful; she's been with me when I've been struggling or had injuries.

"When I feel bad about something, or when I need to get something off my chest, I can just turn to her and talk about anything."

Kane, who is from a tight knit family including brother Charlie and says they keep him grounded, says Goodland is also adept at bringing him back down to earth.

"If I score a hat-trick, Kate will say, 'Well done, you can make me a cup of tea when you get home.'

"She's not afraid to take the mickey out of herself or me."

Kane, though, needs no one to assess his character as he sums himself up in three words. 

"Determined, passionate and caring."