Spain defender Santi Cazorla has joined Arsenal from Malaga.

London - So, is this guy the new Cesc? There are similarities. They’re both Spanish midfielders and can spot a pass. Like Fabregas, Cazorla is the key to unlocking a defence. If there’s a space, he can thread a pass through it.

If he is that good, why haven’t Arsenal scored yet?

It’s not Cazorla’s fault. The 27-year-old has created nine chances (that maybe a certain Dutchman would have taken) in two games with his outstanding vision.

Sounds like a very Arsenal-type player...Very much so. Cazorla is everything you would associate with an Arsene Wenger buy. Great first touch, comfortable on the ball, excellent passer and he has an eye for goal.

So he can be expected to score, too?

Absolutely. He netted nine goals for Malaga last term and helped them qualify for the Champions League.

How much did he cost?

It could rise from £12million to £16m.

That sounds fairly reasonable for the new Cesc...

Very reasonable. Malaga were desperate to offload Cazorla because of money troubles and Wenger knows a good deal when he sees one.

How does Santi’s medal cabinet look?

Not a lot domestically, but he has won two European Championships with Spain.

Really? I don’t remember him playing at Euro 2012.

Well, you wouldn’t, in a midfield with Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Fabregas. But, to be fair, he does have 46 caps.

This map marks Santi Cazorla’s touches at Stoke on Sunday, demonstrating how he’s willing to make himself available to receive the ball all over the pitch...