Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini believes beating neighbours United in the Premier League title race could see his club dominate English football for years to come.

Mancini said: “It is important we don’t win just one championship.

“I want to leave a legacy. I want all the Manchester City supporters to remember me for winning many trophies. If you win the title there can be no debate about who is the No 1 team in Manchester, for this year at least.

“But United have a fantastic history and it is impossible to change that.

“For us, our targets should be to match the achievements of United, Barcelona and Real Madrid in the future. I could be wrong but I think that Manchester City are set up now to win many trophies in the future.

“That has to be the target. And even if we don’t win the title this year that will not change.

“Just to be fighting for the title with three games left shows that we have progressed and worked well this season. It has showed that Manchester City will be a top club for many years.

“And I think the team that starts next season will be stronger than the one that finishes this season because of the experience we have gained. One of the things that attracted me to City was the chance to change their history.

“There are some managers who go to a club that is already set up to win because it has top players but for me it is different – I have always gone to clubs who haven’t won anything for a long time.

“When you win with a club like City you change history as well and that would give me a greater sense of satisfaction.

“For over 40 years they haven’t won the league so if we do it will be better than at a club that is used to winning titles. If we beat United to the title it would be the biggest achievement of my career because it is England, it is the best championship in Europe.

“And for an Italian manager to win the Premier League would make it better than anything I have done in the game.

“People say it would be easier if your main title rivals were not from the same city. But I don’t agree. It is good to win the title against your neighbours.

“It is better. I had this in Milan with Inter. It is more satisfying because it is so important for the city of Manchester to have two great teams like City and United.” – Daily Mail