David Moyes has thanked Sir Alex Ferguson for asking the United supporters to get behind the new manager.

David Moyes has thanked Sir Alex Ferguson for his rousing speech to the Old Trafford crowd last weekend in which he told them: “Your job now is to stand by our new manager”.

Although Moyes is focused on the final game of his 11-year spell as Everton manager against Chelsea today, he acknowledges Ferguson’s message could make his job easier when he arrives at Manchester United.

“I knew nothing about what he was going to say but it was nice to hear it. Hopefully it will make my arrival a little bit easier,” said Moyes.

“I’d give the same message to Everton fans about whoever follows me. It is really important that Everton, whoever their new manager is, welcome him like Sir Alex has done, to keep things strong at the club.”

Moyes has already experienced a sharp increase in interest in him and his family since it was announced he would be succeeding Ferguson.

A fake Twitter account set up in his daughter’s name left her ‘distraught’ according the Everton manager and he was also shocked to find the paparazzi taking photos of him on a private night out in Manchester.

Moyes has spoken with his wife and two children about the extra unwanted attention that may come their way.

“They know that things will change, they know there will be a lot things said and hopefully we will be able to cope with it,” he said.

“My family know I’m ambitious and I’ve always wanted to try to get to the best level I can. I’ll be as up front and straight as I possibly can and hope that I’ll be able to answer as many questions possible that get asked.

“A lot has already been said about me and some of it has been rubbish. There was a false Twitter account for my daughter and she was distraught by it, because it wasn’t her.

“But what can you really do? I can’t answer everything that is said but I’ll do the best I can. I will try to answer the questions as straight as I can and try not to change.”

In addition to Fergusonâ’s appeal for support from the fans, Moyes will be helped by the United legend in another key area.

Four decades after Sir Matt Busby’s ghost haunted those who followed, Ferguson plans to avoid casting a shadow over his replacement.

Sir Alex bows out today at West Bromwich after match No 1,500 in charge of United. But he will not be a infrequent visitor to Old Trafford because he is conscious that Moyes has a big enough job without the cameras cutting to the directors’ box to zoom in on the former manager.

Busby’s continued presence after he stood down as manager was too much for following incumbents. They were not helped by the fact that Sir Matt kept an office at the club, something Ferguson will not be doing. Wilf McGuinness lost his hair in the job and a bitter Frank O’Farrell still feels Busby’s presence never gave him a chance. Ferguson, who will receive £100,000 a day for an ambassadorial role, will not repeat that mistake. And he will kick off his retirement by attending the League Managers Association dinner in London followed by a couple of days racing at Newmarket.

After a hip operation in the summer, he fancies taking in major sporting events across the globe he missed after 39 years as a manager.

“I’d like to go to Boca Juniors against River Plate (Argentina’s classic derby),” he said. “I’ll hopefully go to the Melbourne Cup and the Kentucky Derby, too. There are a lot of things I want to do and can do as long as my health remains.”

Having clinched his 13th Premier League title, Ferguson already seems demob happy before he takes his final bow at The Hawthorns where tickets have changed hands for £3,000.

He rejects the idea that it will be difficult to switch off from management and insists he will not be ruminating over Moyes’ managerial decisions.

Asked if it will be easy to let go, he said: “I’ve done it. I did it last week. It’s not an issue. I’ll just go and do what I’m going to do, the next stage of my life.

“It’s not the end of Manchester United as far as winning titles is concerned. They’ll win trophies. The new manager has the character, he’s got good experience behind him.” - Sunday Mail