Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp says there is no need to panic after the teams first loss in the league as they travel to Brighton. Photo: Jon Super/AP Photo

Jurgen Klopp sent a message to his Liverpool players that one Premier League defeat does not mean there is need for panic.

Manchester City ended Liverpool’s 20-game unbeaten start to the season to cut the gap between the two clubs to four points.

But Klopp, whose side travel to Brighton today, revealed he would have been viewed as ‘mad’ had he attacked players for defeat at City.

‘You don’t lose a game in the first half of the season, then lose one and lose your head immediately that would be strange,’ said Klopp. ‘That would not be in general the right thing to do. That’s a moment where your team could be sitting in the dressing room and think, “Is he mad?”

‘It was not that bad. We have talked about Man City and the difference was what? 11mm? If the ball crosses the line, you get a point and a brilliant result. Then we go to Wolves and I make the changes. It’s not the boys who make the changes.

‘There is no reason to go to Brighton with less confidence. It is only important how many more points we have than City only at the end of the season. At the moment, it is just information, nothing more. So that’s why I say it is all good, but the next game we have to play. Did we win it already? No. Can we win it? Yes. Will it be easy? No.’

Daily Mail