Jose Mourinho isn't getting the desired results at Spurs as the team are on dismal run of form. Photo: Reuter
Jose Mourinho isn't getting the desired results at Spurs as the team are on dismal run of form. Photo: Reuter

OPINION: Time is not on Jose and Ancelotti's side

By Minenhle Mkhize Time of article published Mar 10, 2020

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Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti are synonymous with success.

It’s been the story of their glittering coaching careers. The pair has amassed multiple titles all over Europe in the past two decades.

Teams have blossomed and flourished under their leadership. Over the past two decades, fans have worshipped every ground where they have managed.

English football has some outstanding managers that have contributed to what is certainly a definitive chronology of the evolution of the game in the world.

The likes of indefatigable Jurgen Klopp and the courageous Pep Guardiola have added spice in English football.

They have turned their respective teams, Liverpool FC and Manchester City to well-oiled machines. These teams are forces to be reckoned with in club football.

The return of Mourinho (to Spurs) and Ancelotti (at Everton) was greeted with a warm welcome by the English Premier League.

A new wave of optimism swept across London and Merseyside. But the pair has seemingly hit a speed hump in recent times and aren’t able to replicate their former glory.

They were winning titles like it is out of fashion. Whether it was in Spain, Italy, England or Portugal, they always found the way to greatness.

Carlo Ancelotti was supposed to be an inspired signing for Everton but the results are proving more difficult. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA via AP

But they have dark clouds hanging over their heads at Spurs and Everton right now.

Has the time of Mourinho and Ancelotti passed? Have they lost their mojo? Did they made a right move when they came back to England?

There are so many more questions than answers about these two elite managers right now. This pair is renowned for delivering trophies everywhere they go. They have done that with honour and distinction in the past.

Obviously, they are still in the early days at their new clubs but their arrival hasn’t made any difference to their respective clubs.

Everton and Spurs don’t have the reputation of winning titles but the arrival of Mourinho and Ancelotti raised the expectations for these two teams.

When you acquire the services of serial winners, you expect them to win trophies.

It as simple as that. You’ll always be under scrutiny. Every step you take counts.

Yes, it is understandable that success doesn’t come instantly.

But Spurs and Everton have not improved since the arrival of these two iconic managers.

Ancelotti was the darling of AC Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid. So is Mourinho around Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid. They brought success and made these clubs fearsome in Europe.

The problems started at Man United for Mourinho while for Ancelotti it all started at Napoli. Their reputation as serial winners is coming under threat.

Young managers like Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Mikel Arteta, Ole Gunnar Solsjear, Mauricio Pochettino and Julian Nagelsmann are the ones making waves.

Soon the time of Ancelotti and Mourinho will be over if they don’t wake up and smell the tea.

Football is evolving now. They need to come to terms with that. Obviously the legacy they built over the years is something very special. But they can’t live in the past. Next season will give us more answers about their future.


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