R69 for the Premier League? Only in South Africa, says Showmax’s Robert Marawa

Renowned South African sports broadcaster Robert Marawa is an ambassador for Showmax Premier League

Renowned South African sports broadcaster Robert Marawa is an ambassador for Showmax Premier League. Photo: Supplied

Published Mar 5, 2024


Renowned South African sports broadcaster Robert Marawa has praised Showmax Premier League as something that will change how we watch the game.

The local streaming service announced its deal that allows South African football fans to stream every game in the Premier League on their mobile phones for just R69 a month.

Instead of having to rush home to catch that 5pm kick-off on a Saturday afternoon, you can now tune in to watch any game you please in a deal that’s impressed Marawa for its innovation.

Media giant Marawa, who has been on South African screens and airways for almost 30 years, has been roped in by Showmax to be their ambassador for the offering.

“It’s a crazy deal. It looked unreal to me when I saw it for the first time. In hearing the presentation from Showmax and understanding what it’s about, I then got a greater understanding that South Africans are in for one hell of a treat,” Marawa told IOL Sport on Tuesday.

“South Africans were already in the pound seat because of the EPL offering that they’ve had for many, many years. But to be able to get all the games for R69 a month, nowhere in the world would you ever get that.

“It’s an exciting prospect and one can only say ‘kudos’ Showmax for getting the deal done and for giving that deal to South Africans and the continent as well.

Showmax Premier League is the first of its kind in the world, and Marawa praised MultiChoice for leading the way, adding it would be appealing to younger South Africans who are tech savvy and spend a lot of time on their mobile phones.

“You don’t have to rush home and sit in front of a TV and watch. It’s there in your hand wherever you are,” said Marawa.

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