Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger celebrates on the sidelines. Photo: Reuters/Peter Cziborra

LONDON - Arsene Wenger believes football can take a lesson in good grace from sumo wrestling when it comes to celebrating victory in the face of beaten opponents.

"In sumo you never can tell which guy wins," said Wenger, who worked in Japan before joining Arsenal. "The winner doesn’t show any emotion out of respect for the loser. It is one of the few sports in the world that has not changed since the 1600s. 

"No rules at all have changed, they are dressed and the referees are dressed the same. When you live in Japan, what comes through is the respect for people. You can learn from every culture."

Wenger was addressing the Old Trafford tunnel skirmish, sparked by what Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho thought were excessive celebrations by Manchester City players and staff after their 2-1 win on Sunday.

"You (the press) build these things up like it is life or death and after something happens you are surprised," Wenger said. "It is part of the intensity of the games, sometimes it can go a bit overboard."

"Ideally you would commit 200 per cent on the pitch and be an angel after, but it is not always the case."

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