Faty refutes he has a 'heart condition'

File Photo: Vincent Kessler

File Photo: Vincent Kessler

Published Aug 9, 2016


Johannesburg - The curious case of Papy Faty continues after the Burundian international revealed yesterday that he would continue his search for a new club despite an apparent heart condition that has led to Premier Soccer League club Bidvest Wits handing him his clearance.

Papy collapsed twice last season but in an interview with The Star, Faty seemed unperturbed and was adamant that he still has a long career in football. It is unlikely, however that a PSL team will want to sign him unless rigorous tests show that he can return to the field and not risk death.

“The club asked me what I want and I said I would like to keep playing, but as far as they are concerned they cannot continue to play me in the same condition that I am in,” the 25-year-old explained, adding that he will return to his home country to “clear my mind and think about what is next for me”.

“I can’t stop playing football,” he said. “I am still too young to stop playing, so if the club feels they cannot take that risk, I would rather go look for somewhere else to play. I’ve been told my situation is so bad, but when I go play for my national team I can go on for days without any problems. I don’t believe I have a heart condition, otherwise I would not last for more than 45 minutes on the treadmill, for instance. It could be something else, but not a heart condition.”

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