The PSL can avoid a situation where cases are dragging for over six months, like that of Wayne Arendse. Photo: Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

DURBAN – The Premier Soccer League is a huge organisation and the league has put in a monumental effort to reach the horizon.

We are proud to boast a league that is a benchmark on the continent in terms of financial rewards.

The professionalism in our league is world class compared with other leagues on the continent. For our league to reach the levels of the likes of the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga we need to refine our efficiency in the legal department. If we want to reach the next level we have to address our legal department that is facing a conundrum right now.

A league of the PSL's stature can’t be in a situation where it has one prosecutor dealing with 32 teams and at the same time working part time.

No, guys, that can’t happen. That is not right.

The PSL needs to hire someone who will act as the league’s prosecutor on a permanent basis.

By doing so, we will avoid a situation where cases are dragging for over six months.

The verdict on Wayne Arendse’s case should have been delivered a long time ago. We need to increase numbers in our legal department by hiring more people.

If it means getting rid of the Q-innovations for the league to compensate for added members in the legal department let it be the case. I know it is not an easy decision to make because the sponsors have to be notified. But we can’t have one person dealing with 32 teams and worst of all that person is arrogant.

That guy (Nande Becker) doesn’t take us seriously.

You can tell by the way he spoke in the press conference held at the PSL offices last week. At one stage he mentioned that he doesn’t follow Sundowns’ progress in the Caf Champions League because he is a busy man.

The guy also said that he doesn’t do media interviews because sometimes he is with his family eating dinner. Clearly this guy doesn’t care about the league. The only thing that pushes him is money.

Obviously time is money but you also have to respect your job.

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The PSL has time between now and next season. The league is approaching its climax but we need to have a permanently employed prosecutor in the PSL for next season. It has to happen next season so that we don’t find ourselves in the situation that we are facing.

The masses have been complaining why the Arendse saga is dragging. They have been making all sorts of accusations. That is not right and we all know what needs to happen.

The league needs to act swiftly so that we can have a peaceful league.


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