Steve Komphela, coach of Kaizer Chiefs, is interviewed in Naturena on Wednesday during a training session at Kaizer Chiefs Village. Photo: Sydney Mahlangu/BackpagePix

JOHANNESBURG – Steve Komphela, the beleaguered Kaizer Chiefs coach, on Wednesday morning said South African football supporters’ tolerance, or the lack thereof, for results was identical to waiting for “two-minute noodles”.

A mischievous question was put to the Amakhosi mentor, who is in the final weeks of his three-year contract at the club – having not won a single trophy – about whether he still held the belief that fans aren’t “passionate” about the “process”.

“In fact, I would rather choose to say they are not patient. South Africa is not a patient nation,” Komphela said.

“Anyway, the whole world is in a culture of being two-minute noodles – everything is instant, instant gratification.

“That’s why people don’t want to go to school. ‘My man, I am going to spend 12 years, and then after finishing that, I must do three years’.

“People would rather get a tender and get rich. But there is no quality in that person.

“The best quality is in the time and investment you make in knowledge, and people don’t have that.

“The quality of success is in the principles, where you root in the pillars, and strongly so.”

He made the example of a bamboo tree.

“When I make this example, they will say again ‘but this guy’.

“Five years this tree, the seed is underneath the ground – five years, my man. But in eight months, as soon as it breaks ground, it goes 80 metres.

“God has vision. You are not just born and become a man with teeth and everything.

“When you go through the principles of nature, it’s all about patience. South Africans must learn that, but we must teach.”

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