Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo (left) tries to look sad after scoring the winner against Manchester United.

Cape Town – Sometimes my emotions do get the better of me when I watch sport. I think this is the disease most sports fans around the world suffer from, whether you’re watching your very first match or followed sport for the last 40 years.

Sport can make you a bit bipolar, with your emotions seesawing from one extreme to the other. You can either be as happy as someone who has just won the Lotto, or as depressed as a guy who just spilled the beer he bought with the last cents in his pocket.

I tend to go a bit over the top. My vocabulary suddenly includes more swear words than a rap song. After most matches, I’m also more exhausted than the players on the field.

I’m passionate and fanatical about sport, especially football, and when I watch my favourite team play, I want them to show the same amount of desire and fire in the belly that I’m showing in my livingroom.

My rugby colleague Ashfak Mohamed is a massive Manchester United supporter, and I’m sure he wanted to give his big LED television a “Nani-kick” when the Turkish referee shocked the world by producing “that” red card.

However, the sending off of the United winger was not the biggest talking point in our office in the aftermath of the Red Devils being knocked out of the competition. It was the issue of Cristiano Ronaldo doing his level best to look sad after he scored what proved to be the winner at Old Trafford.

It left Ashfak a little uncomfortable, the fact that the former United player decided not to celebrate after scoring probably one of the most important goals of his already glittering career. It left me a little bewildered as well.

I know there is a thing about respect for your former club and fans, which is admirable. However, I think it borders on patronising. If you don’t want to celebrate when scoring against your former team, rather don’t play.

It’s a bit of an insult to your own fans, because I know a couple of Real Madrid supporters who went off their rocker after the one with the hair gel scored the second goal at Old Trafford.

If I was Ronaldo, my shirt would have been thrown into the crowd, instead of looking like he just found the first grey hair on his head. I would have run the length of the pitch and kissed the Special One on the lips.

But that’s just me. I’m a passionate sports fan who can’t keep his emotions in check. Some people shed a tear at the opera, some guys get emotional over a cold beer. I cry when my team win, and I sob when they lose.

Ashfak and all the United supporters cried crocodile tears on Tuesday night. Ronaldo thought the fans were going to cry less if he pretends not to enjoy his goal. Losing hurts, it really does, Ronaldo ...


@SportyQuote (This sums my column up, doesn’t it?): “It gives me the happiest feeling in the world. I just love scoring.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

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