No body saw the goal coming Giovanni Van Bronckhorst against Uruguay. Photo: Sabelo Mngoma/Backpagepix
No body saw the goal coming Giovanni Van Bronckhorst against Uruguay. Photo: Sabelo Mngoma/Backpagepix

WATCH: 10 best goals of the 2010 Fifa World Cup

By Sports Reporter Time of article published Jun 19, 2020

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10. Maicon

Brazil v North Korea

The big question in this selection is: Did Maicon mean to put it into the back of the net? From every angle, it seemed like the Brazilain right-back was attempting a cross back into the box after finding himself tight on the deadball line. But then the Jabulani ball did what Jabulanil did best - it became unpredictable. Instead of swirling back out, it did the opposite and from an almost improbable, albeit as proven by Maicon not impossible angle, it swerved in and past the near-post, beating the keeper in the process, for a truly WTF! (subs: you can make this WTH! If it is too explicit) moment.


9. David Villa

Spain v Honduras

Nah, we ain’t talking about his audacious and borderline arrogant goal against Chile - which was ridiculous by the way. No, we are referring to his goal against Honduras, where he somehow squeezed between two defenders as he sprinted into the box, and then slid into the ball, beating a closing pack of two more defenders, struck the ball hard enough that it vaulted past the goalkeeper, and then watched it smash into the back of the net. Breathless stuff. 


8. Keisuke Honda

Japan v Denmark

This was an absolute screamer of a free kick by the legendary Japanese player. Honda, standing 30 yards out and about 10 yards in from the right-hand touchline took a few moments to set himself before unleashing a powerful shot that beat the scuffling group of attackers and defenders in the box, and which then proceeded to arch over Danish goalkeeper Thomas Soresnson at the far post for a truly magnificent goal. 

7. Sulley Muntari

Ghana vs Uruguay

A match defined by Luis Suarez’ infamous handball, in which he illegally defended his goal line to deny Ghana the victory, and which is arguably one of the best games played at the 2010 iteration of the tournament, also had this moment of magic from Ghana. Given way too much space in the attacking-third in the last moments of the first half, Muntari fired a shot 40 yards out which whizzed past teammates and defenders alike, curling as it did so, to beat goalkeeper Fernando Muslera with an audacious shot.

6. Lukus Podolski

Germany v England

A goal thanks to the patient build-up of the German team - and also the inadequacies of the English - the finish was capped off by some acute-angle brilliance by Podolksi. With the ball collected in their half, the Germans - with ease mind you - began pushing forward, searching for a weakness in the English defence by the near touchline, eventually finding Miroslav Klose. The German striker then hooped the ball to an open Thomas Muller storming past the English defence. Klose, unselfishly, played the ball to an open Podolski, whose first touch was not brilliant but good enough to set himself up, with a ridiculous angle to beat. The German legend, nevertheless, cooly slotted his effort past the flailing goalkeeper David James’ legs, leaving the English bewildered and in all sorts of trouble.

5. Fabio Quagliarella

Italy v Slovakia

In the end it didn’t mean much as Italy were sent packing after losing 3-2 after this group stage encounter, but Quagliarella at least ensured their departure was done in style. Quagliarella found himself in possession after a determined, albeit 11th hour build-up, 25-yards or so from goal. Now, the natural instinct of any footballer in open space and with sight on goal would no doubt be to put their foot through it in an attempt to tear the stitches of the ball but instead the Italian forward thought otherwise. Using all his vision and skill, Quagliarella lofted the ball toward goal in a beautiful moment of finesse to score an equally beautiful goal. Just goes to show, sometimes it is not all about power!

4. Carlos Tevez

Argentina v Mexico

Commentator John Helm called it a “blinding goal” and you know what, he ain't wrong. After a bit of a messy buildup in which Tevez tried to tread the ball through the Mexican defence, the Argentine striker thought “screw it, I’ll do it myself” after the ball ricocheted back into his path. He absolutely laced Jabulani with a powerful shot that rocked the back of the net, It had power, it had velocity, it had precision ...


3. Diego Forlan

Uruguay v The Netherlands

Look, the 2010 World Cup might as well be a highlight reel of Forlan’s goals, but if we had to choose one, we would choose this one. Somehow, someway - witchcraft perhaps - Forlan managed to get his hyper-extended leg onto a volley just inside the box, crossed by Egidio Arevalo, smashing the ball into the ground before it looped past a prostate Marten Stekelenburg. But it wasn't the only amazing goal from that semi-final .. oh, no ... not by a long shot ...

2. Giovanni van Bronckhorst

The Netherlands v Uruguay

No one saw this goal coming from the Dutch midfielder. Van Bronckhorst unleashed an absolute screamer from way outside the box - honestly, the area where he put his foot through the ball is more the territory for a cross than actually going for goal, but going for goal he went, unleashing a missile of a shot that pierced through the air and into the back of the netl. It left everyone stunned and is arguably one of the greatest goals ever scored in the World Cup.

1. Sipihiwe Tshabalala

South Africa v Mexico

Yes! we are biased - so sue us. But Tshabalala’s goal, the opening strike of the tournament, is our favourite moment and goal from the 2010 World Cup. Fielding a magnificent through ball on the farside of the field, the Bafana Bafana striker then went on to beat the lone defender and then unleashed a powerful shot that went sailing past the goalkeeper, entering the goalmouth at the farpost. It was an amazing, joyous and quite frankly brilliant goal that had the whole of South Africa in rapture, and for that reason alone it is our top pick.


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