Dricus du Plessis (right). Photo: Chris Ricco/BackpagePix

Dricus du Plessis: “My goal is to become the greatest fighter ever.”

That might seem like a ridiculous statement right now, but many statements before also sounded ridiculous, and I have achieved them.

You can almost feel the conviction in Dricus’ belief system as he speaks these words.

And why shy away from the idea of this becoming a reality?

At just 24-years-old, the man from Pretoria has achieved the unthinkable to most earthlings.

Shattering records in the MMA world is a norm for him.

Dricus became the first man to rule two weight divisions in South Africa’s EFC promotion after placing both the Welterweight and Middleweight titles around his waist.

He then flew up to Poland to fit on another Welterweight belt. Only this time, it was the KSW brand.

The man is like a freight train, and I am not sure whether Denzil Washington’s Unstoppable Hollywood fliek was a Dricus du Plessis-inspired movie or vice versa.

“Success only fuels me. Once I started, I had a dream and when I embarked on that dream I started to see my success happen, this told me I can achieve dreams. I am not motivated by anything else other than to be the greatest of all time.

“Following your dreams is important. And always do what makes you happy, but don’t do anything in a way that you wish you did differently,” says Dricus.

And today, it seems as if Dricus plans to do exactly what makes him happy in his second business meeting with Roberto Soldic at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London when the two scrap it out in the highly anticipated Welterweight championship rematch (7pm SA time).

Roberto is gunning to take back what he once owned.

It was a left stunner from Dricus aka Stillknocks that unlocked the belt from Roberto’s waist.

In his KSW promotional debut, Dricus stamped his authority on the Polish promotion and the welterweight division after managing a hostile opening round from the heavy-handed Soldic.

Stillknocks (12-1), a cool and sharp apex predator patiently waited for his attacking invite which led to him taking his eighth straight finish.

Soaked in glory, Dricus was then set to face Germany’s David Zawada. 

But in a tell of the man’s championship work ethic, Dricus opted to take a rematch with Soldic due to David being offered a shot in the UFC, which ultimately meant that there would be no other immediate fight available.

Plenty a MMA fan often moan when champions are slow or hesitant about taking fights, a good example is the UFC’s Conor McGregor, who was crucified for taking too long to defend his belt.

Dricus, however, chose to give Soldic an immediate rematch.

“They couldn’t give me someone else until December and I couldn’t wait that long. So, I accepted the rematch with Roberto.”

It seems as if Dricus wants to put the Roberto hurdle behind him as soon as possible and continue his upward curve.

“Roberto made excuses after our last fight, and no excuse is acceptable in this sport, either take the fight or not. 

“So now, he is someone in my way and wants to take my title. This is business as usual. We all know that he hits hard, we knew this already in the last fight. That is about it. I am 100 percent sure my goal to become the greatest will be reached,” says Dricus.

So many critics have been quick to always question unthinkable events in the past, like when man said it would fly out of the earth’s orbit, or when a lady once took it upon herself to become the first female to fly across the Atlantic.

The doubters were in full force. Why? Because for people like that, it’s easier to play down than stand up and do what many people think is impossible.

Let’s stay tuned tonight and see how Dricus carries his torch of belief, just like Amelia Earhart and all the other champions of this world.

KSW 45 Fight Card

Heavyweight Title

Phil de Fries v Karol Bedorf

Heavyweight: Popek Monster v Erko Jun

Welterweight Title

Dricus du Plessis v Roberto Soldic

Opening Round of Middleweight Tournament

Michal Materla v Damian Janikowski

Scott Askham v Marcin Wojcik

Heavyweight: James McSweeney v Thiago Silva

Heavyweight: Wagner Prado v Lukasz Parobiec

Light Heavyweight: Akop Szostak v Jamie Sloane

Lightweight: Alfie Davis v Leszek Krakowski



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