Some action from the Lifesaving World Championship. Photo: @LWCadelaide2018 via Twitter
CAPE TOWN - South African lifesaving has a new pair of world champions and record holders.

The South African duo of Connor Botha and Milan Erasmus broke the world record in the line throw at the Lifesaving World Championships in Adelaide, Australia.

There was also gold for the Western Cape’s Nicholas Notten in the surf ski, while South Africa’s queen of the beach sprints, Mandi Maritz, took silver.

South Africa’s celebrated beach sprint champion Ryle de Morny had to settle for fourth. De Morny, the most experienced among the South African squad, is a former beach sprint world champion.

Earlier in the week, Matthew Fenn and Ally Chislett won silver in the youth surf ski and surf swim respectively.

Connor Botha celebrated his 17th birthday with a third place in the board race and Daniel Jacobs also got a bronze in the surf ski.

Team South Africa’s Kira Bester, Tamryn McKie, Alice Edward and Milan Erasmus won gold on the opening day in the junior mixed simulated emergency rescue competition (SERC).

Selected Team South Africa results:

Open Team (beach/surf)

Beach Sprint

Ryle de Morny 4th; Mandi Maritz 2nd; Bianca von Bargen 8th

Surf Ski

Nicholas Notten1st; Dominic Notten 5th

Surf Swim

Martin Binedell 8th; Joshua Saunders 20th; Kristin Bellinghan 15th; Carmel Billson 19th

Rescue Tube Rescue

Male 9th; Female 7th

Beach Relay Male

9th; Female 5th

Youth Team Pool

200m Obstacle:

Calvin Coetzee 3rd; Ally Chislett 11th; Sulinke van der Berg 12th

100m Rescue Medley: 

Calvin Coetzee 6th; JP van Zyl 13th; Sulinke van der Berg 7th; Ally Chislett 9th

100m Manikin Tow with fins: 

Milan Erasmus 7th

4 x 50m Obstacle: 

Male: Botha, Erasmus,Van Zyl, Coetzee 6th; Female: Chislett, McKie, van der Berg, Edward 5th

Line Throw: 

Male, Connor Botha and Milan Erasmus, 1st, New World Record

Surf Ski

Boys: Matthew Fenn 2nd; Daniel Jacobs - 3rd

Girls: Tammy McKie - 5th Kira Bester - 11th

Board race

Boys: Connor Botha - 3rd Matthew Fenn - 9th

Girls: Kira Bester - 4th Paige Horn - 5th


Boys: Connor Botha 6th; Matthew Fenn 7th

Girls: Alice Edward 11th; Tammy McKie12th

Surf Swim

Boys Connor Botha 6th; Calvin Coetzee 10th

Girls: Ally Chislett 2nd; Sulinke van den Berg 12th

Ocean Relay

Boys 5th

Girls 3rd

Open Pool

100m Manikin Carry with fins


Johan Lourens 12th


Carmel Billson 14th

50m Manikin Rescue


Martin Binedell 13th

4 x 25m Manikin Relay


Martin Binedell; Josh Saunders; Nick Notten, Johan Lourens 15th

Women 10th

4x50m Medley relay


Martin Binedell; Josh Saunders; Nick Notten; Johan Lourens 11th


Bianca von Bargen; Carmel Billson; Kristen Bellingan; Sasha-Lee Corris-Nordegen 10th

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