The new and improved Machina 2 takes run coaching to the next level.

The new and improved Machina 2 takes run coaching to the next level.

Published Sep 13, 2021


Apollo Brands, the official distributor of Under Armour in South Africa, recently introduced its new, high tech UA HOVR™ Machina 2 in South Africa. Following the success of the original UA HOVR™ Machina launched in 2020, the new and improved Machina 2 takes run coaching to the next level and comes complete with an embedded chip that allows runners to connect with the UA MapMyRun app to access a bevy of features. These features include Form Coaching, cadence and gait tracking, audio-coaching, interval training and tracking, and more.

Whether you’re looking to knock off a few seconds on your personal best or aiming to attempt your first 5k, the Machina 2 is the perfect running shoe to help you peak your performance. The UA HOVR Machina 2 mixes the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance trainer. Combine that with real-time Form Coaching and you’re equipped with the tools you need to reach your fitness goals for 2021.

The original Machina was designed to be a high-end trainer or entry-level racing shoe and is UA’s first plated shoe. The new Machina 2 is Under Armour’s highest cushioned shoe to date. It is a neutral shoe designed for runners who need a balance of flexibility and cushioning. The shoe provides a soft, energy efficient ride with a propulsion plate built in for added springiness.


Excellent energy return: Cushioning is known to improve running energy, a factor that can make a difference of several minutes when it comes to marathon racing. UA HOVR™ foam + mesh Energy Web has been un-caged with more cushioning allowing you get more energy back in every step to help make the last mile your fastest.

Fast function, soft feel, light weight: What gives the UA HOVR Machina 2 its fast-feeling speed is its propulsion plate, designed to keep the pace quick no matter what distance. The 2-pronged carbon-filled Pebax® spring plate helps runners get up on their toes to keep their turnover quick and their transition snappy.

Data driven coaching: All of the footwear in Under Armour’s run suite, including the UA HOVR Machina 2, come digitally connected, allowing runners not only to track and analyse their runs, but also to gain unprecedented insight into their running form. All of these features are available with a seamless, easy-to-use connection to MapMyRun, part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community of 270 million users, all working to make the sport and athlete better. Connect seamlessly with UA Map My Run for personalised coaching based on your pace, cadence, stride length and distance with or without your phone.

The UA HOVR Machina 2 was launched globally in 2021 and is currently available in Under Armour Brand Houses around South Africa at a retail price of R3299.


Connects to UA MAPMYRUN™: tracks and analyzes your running metrics to help make you a better runner

UA HOVR™ technology provides 'zero gravity feel' to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact

Compression mesh Energy Web contains and molds UA HOVR™ foam to give back the energy you put in

Ultralight 3D spacer mesh upper for increased breathability and ultimate speed

As your body emits energy, the mineral-infused UA RUSH™ lining absorbs and reflects it back, improving endurance

External heel counter for added stability and a locked-in feel

Sprint spike-inspired Pebax® speed plate for increased return and more powerful push-offs

Carbon rubber pods under the heel deliver greater traction & durability at high-impact strike zones