Will we see that famous back-flip from Tumisang Madiba at EFC77 on Saturday night? Photo: EFC

CAPE TOWN – “I am a man with a child to feed. I am a man coming off a hard year, a hard two years.

“I can tell you now man, there is no way I am letting this kid and his fantasies blur my vision of becoming champion this year,” said Tumisang Madiba when asked about his thoughts on Devon Cronje threatening to choke him out at EFC77.

Since then, the vision has changed a bit as Devon was ruled out of their bantamweight bout due to an alleged torn meniscus.

In a late flurry, the EFC officials managed to whip up another exciting fight for Tumisang as he is now set to take on Serge Kasanda in a lightweight bout in Pretoria on Saturday.

“I am coming after all Devon’s (Coach Quan University) teammates who are scared to fight in the EFC, but feel they belong in the UFC,” Tumisang said.

“I am hoping to get JP (Buys, EFC bantamweight champion) soon after Luthando Biko beats him.”

Buys and interim bantamweight champion Biko are set to unify the bantamweight division at EFC78 in Cape Town after Biko overcame Cal Ellenor in their interim title bout.

Tumisang feels that he is the real bantamweight champion and deserves a shot at the title to prove his royalty.

“I have lost, not won, or fought. I have lost more fights than both champions – well, we have two champions because one does not want to fight, both Luthando (5-1-0) and JP (6-2-0).

“I have almost lost more fights than they have fought in this organisation,” said Tumisang (8-6-0).

JP has eight fights all together, but two of those fights have been in BRAVECF.

“I want you think about that, I have LOST more times than they have fought in this organisation, I have won, more times than they have both won (individually),” Tumisang said.

“I am still grinding to this day. For me, getting to gym is a struggle. Getting in the cage is a success story itself.”

Faeez Jacobs caused a stir when he submitted the favoured dynamic striker in Cape Town at EFC72.

Now, Tumisang feels that a rematch with Faeez in Cape Town will be the perfect set up for a title shot.

“I think I am definitely the bantamweight champion. I would love to come to Cape Town and get a rematch with Faeez.

“I see him as the only other person who has been winning and who has been doing well enough to be in the talks for the title, but I don’t think he’s done enough.

“Yes, Faeez (5-2-0) has a win over me, but you can’t give a guy like that a shot ahead of me,” Tumisang said.

Faeez is in the title shot talks already.

“Madiba vs Faeez 2 to make up the one number contendership is the right fight in Cape Town. I am making the applications and duahs that that will be the case,” Tumisang said.

For now, Tumisang will continue grinding to make a better life for his beautiful daughter, Azania.

“Just recently, I could only buy 30 nappies instead of 60, you know,” Tumisang said. “I had to make training, and I am waiting for the sponsor to make cash. People don’t always see these dynamics, you know.”

Tumisang Madiba speaks about one of his main reasons for taking part in MMA. Video: Supplied

On Saturday night, Tumisang will throw down with DRC’s Serge Kasanda, a strong jiu jitsu and judo fighter.

Let’s hope Tumisang can put on a fight of the night performance to keep the fans and Azania happy.

EFC77 Fight Card

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Jared Vanderaa vs Ricky Misholas

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Alain Ilunga vs Lukasz Swirydowics

Gordon Roodman vs Justin Smith

Tumisang Madiba vs Serge Kasanda

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