Evander Holyfield has been trying to set up a fight against Mike Tyson. Photo: @Complex/Twitter
Evander Holyfield has been trying to set up a fight against Mike Tyson. Photo: @Complex/Twitter

WATCH: Evander Holyfield mocked after behind-the-scenes training footage posted online

By Sports Reporter Time of article published May 24, 2020

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CAPE TOWN – Boxing fans have torn Evander Holyfield to shreds after behind-the scenes footage of his training montage was posted on social media.

The 57-year-old former world heavyweight champion is trying to get a fight against Mike Tyson, who like him, announced his comeback on Instagram last month.

Holyfield has been pushing for a trilogy fight against Iron Mike after beating him twice when they were in their prime in the late 90s, and has gone as far as to say their representitives have bee in dialogue trying to hash out a deal.

But, after seeing the behind-the-scenes footage of his training montage, fans have suggested stepping in the ring against Tyson would be dangerous for him.

While the footage of Tyson working out was ferociously fast and filmed with a mobile phone, Holyfield’s unedited footage looked slow and laboured and appear to have been sped up in post-production.

“He looks slow and stiff, especially compared to the recent clips of Tyson,” one fan wrote after watching the footage. “Holyfield is going to get worked over if they do fight.”

Another fan wrote: “Holyfield’s always in shape but he’s too punch drunk to compete again. Bad idea.”

“Mike is moving like he’s in his last 20s. He’s going to beat Evander up!”

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