Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola. Photo: Andrew Yates

Buenos Aires - Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has said he would like to guide a national team to the World Cup and compete with other managers in football's most coveted tournament.

“During those one and a half months, the world comes to a standstill,” the former Barcelona coach said during a panel discussion in Buenos Aires.

“I would very much like to experience it myself, and I hope that someone will want me.” Guardiola last year signed a three-year contract with German champions Bayern after four successful years with Barcelona. Guardiola regretted Spain's early exit from the World Cup and said that Argentina were a favourite to win the competition.

“It seems to me that Argentina is a title candidate because they have a strong attack line-up,” said Guardiola. Argentina play Switzerland in the last-16 on July 1.