Belgium's Romelu Lukaku speaks during a press conference in Kazan, Russia, ahead of their quarter final match against Brazil on Friday night. Photo: Robert Ghement/EPA

KAZAN – Romelu Lukaku claims that Brazil’s defence ‘can be taken’ in today’s World Cup quarter-final.

Right-back Fagner has struggled in Russia and the Belgium striker believes Eden Hazard can exploit that weakness.

Lukaku said: "I believe defensively they can be taken but the way in which you do it will have to vary. Three or four are really experienced defenders so you have to know how to attack. We’ve trained for that yesterday so we are really well prepared."

Belgian star Romelu Lukaku believes Brazil's defence is vulnerable. Photo: Robert Ghement/EPA

But Lukaku rejected claims that Neymar is a cheat who dives. He said: "No, for me he is not an actor. The players who play against him are tough. I think he in the future will be the best player in the world and I’m very happy that I’ll be going against him for a second time."

Belgium manager Roberto Martinez explained his assessment of Brazil as favourites, which some think shows a lack of belief on the part of the world’s third-ranked nation against the second-ranked nation. He said: "The two sides are very similar in terms of the quality we have. The difference is that we haven’t won a World Cup."