Sunday Tribune - About Us

Letter from the editor

The Sunday Tribune is the newspaper of choice for weekend readers in KwaZulu-Natal, its greatest strength lying in the thriving Durban metropolitan area, where 63% of its readers reside and work.

This loyalty among readers can be attributed to the newspaper's affinity to the community in which it operates, its relevance and credibility - all of which have been painstakingly earned over 72 years of history.

The figures speak for themselves. With at least 70,000 more readers than any other title in Durban, the Sunday Tribune is highly influential - reaching 29% of Durban English literate LSM 6+ market.

Though primarily focused on offering comprehensive KZN content, the Sunday Tribune also keeps readers up-to-date on a broader front. It offers a consistent mix of regional, national and international news and opinion from a wide array of sources, including quality foreign material from internationally renowned titles such as The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail and The Independent in London. Our association with these august international titles gives our readers access to the best journalism available anywhere in the world.

To keep readers abreast of news from all centres in South Africa, the Tribune is able to draw from its sister newspapers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, providing unrivalled access to a comprehensive blend of news, features and analysis.

Being relevant is key to the Sunday Tribune's success and influence. This is reflected in our news columns, which aim to keep readers informed and advance their well-being and welfare. The newspaper sees itself as a dynamic forum through which readers can celebrate achievements, air their views on issues that affect their lives and participate in robust debate.

The Sunday Tribune is a complete newspaper, offering a variety of supplements to cater for a wide variety of interests and backgrounds.

Here's what readers look forward to in their copy of the Tribune every Sunday:

  • Tribune Herald - our community supplement of special interest to Indian readers.
  • Sunday Magazine (SM) - a lifestyle, arts and entertainment magazine without which a weekend feels incomplete.
  • Property - all you need to know about the property scene in KZN in a single package.
  • Business Report - where the Tribune means business.
  • The Guide - your comprehensive television directory for the week ahead