In the hit 1970s’ TV series Charlie’s Angels, Sabrina, Jill and Kelly worked for Charlie Townsend as private investigators. The guy was mostly incognito. Yet the mysterious PI agency owner called the shots.

Cut to the new comedy series Wedding Band, in which Tommy (Brian Austin Green), Eddie, Barry and Stevie, otherwise known as the cool cover band Mother of the Bride, have their own “Charlie” of sorts. They work for Roxie Rutherford, the chief executive and founder of Seattle’s top event planning firm, Rutherford Events. She gets the gigs – she calls the shots. And she’s played with comic prowess by Melora Hardin.

But unlike Charlie, this boss lady is very much seen and heard. When it comes to dealing with Mother of the Bride, Hardin says she’s both advocate and adversary to the guys – which makes for very interesting drama. “Roxie holds the male perspective in relationships,” adds the actress. “She thinks, I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to be in love, I don’t have to be married. I get whatever I need, whatever I want. I love that about her.”

I had a chance to chat with Hardin about her knack for writing songs with make-you-blush double entendres.

Tell me about your character Roxie and the parties she plans.

Roxie subscribes to, “you can think whatever you want. But this is my life. I’m going to do it my way.”

She’s totally shameless.

Every episode is really fun because we have incredible production value and an amazing production designer. We usually do at least two events per show and they’re really quite elaborate. We even did an adult prom. The band sings mostly covers. And I got to sing one of my original songs.

The songs you write, like A Boy and His Cat and Dial O (On The Little Pink Telephone), are filled with racy and delicious double entendres.

I was walking through a mall and saw an incredible book of Gil Elvgren’s paintings in a store window. Elvgren was one of the first pin-up painters. It was before they could really take pictures of women the same way. So they did paintings of them with skirts flying up, the beautiful little ruffled underwear underneath and garters. The women had an innocent look on their faces. There was a wonderful naiveté yet also a deep knowingness in those paintings. I really connected to that.

I took it home, and just wrote that whole record called Purr which includes the song A Boy and His Cat. The record just dropped into my head based on those paintings.

So in addition to acting, your singing and songwriting talents will be front in Wedding Band?

In fact, what attracted me to Rutherford and Wedding Band is that they wanted the whole me. I asked Mike Tollin, our producer, about that. I said, “Usually people get a little, ‘Ugh! Oh, God. She’s a singer. Ugh, she’s a songwriter. Ugh, she’s a director. Ugh, she’s an actor, Ugh, she’s a dancer.’ But you didn’t do that. Every time I said something you just leaned in closer to the table. What was that about?” He said, “I just felt that’s exactly what Rutherford would be. Rutherford would want the whole world at her feet. And that made me excited because we had found our character. – Huffington Post.com

l Wedding Band screens on M-Net Series, Thursdays at 7pm.