7M dancer Miranda Derrick declares she's not trapped in a cult and is not 'a victim’

7M dancer Miranda Derrick. Picture: INSTAGRAM

7M dancer Miranda Derrick. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jun 6, 2024


Miranda Derrick has finally spoken out after the Netflix docuseries, “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” put her life in the spotlight.

The series, which released on May 29, delves into her family's claims that the 7M dancer is trapped in a cult run by Robert Shinn, a pastor of Shekinah Church in Los Angeles and founder of 7M Films, which manages the dance careers many artists.

On June 4, the 27-year-old who is married to fellow 7M dancer James Derrick, posted a statement on Instagram addressing the allegations in the docuseries.

"I appreciate the concern for my well-being. Due to pending litigation, as I am a plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit, it's not appropriate to comment on specific allegations. I do not condone abuse in any way," Miranda wrote.

— W𝔞𝔪𝔟𝔲𝔦 (@MsWambuiMwaura) June 5, 2024

Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse into the troubling allegations against Shinn and the 7M group. Multiple women accuse Shinn of sexual assault, painting a dark picture of the organisation that allegedly controls its members.

The docuseries features interviews with her parents and sister, Melanie Ekeler, who voice their concern for her safety and well-being. They claim that Miranda is trapped and manipulated, a sentiment echoed by several other house members.

The house members provided insight into her behaviour, noting that she often seemed worried and distant. They recounted moments where she appeared emotionally distressed and even cried, suggesting she was under significant strain.

However, the TikTok dancing sensation emphasised that the series portrays a "one-sided story" mainly showing her parents and sister’s views.

"I love my Mom, Dad, and Melanie, and they will forever be part of my life. The truth is, we just don’t see eye to eye at this time," she stated.

She explained that she found her family overbearing when she asked for space after dedicating her life to Jesus Christ in 2020.

She shared that her family’s lack of respect for her request for space led to frustration. "It made me mad, frustrated, and annoyed that they were being so overbearing and chaotic," Miranda revealed.

She also mentioned a fallout with her sister.

"I wanted to continue our wilkingsisters social media page. She logged me out of our account and denied my request for access back," Miranda wrote, explaining why she started her own account to pursue her career independently.

She expressed her displeasure with how she was depicted in the docuseries.

"No one likes to be portrayed as brainwashed, not in control of her own life, or a shell of herself. That just isn’t the truth," she asserted.

Miranda wished her family’s issues had remained private but felt compelled to defend herself publicly. "I am not a victim, I am not in any harm, I am not being abused," she reiterated.

In her statement, Miranda concluded by affirming her autonomy and her desire to live her life without being judged by the narrative presented in the series.