Adele confronts homophobe for shouting ‘Pride sucks’ at her concert

Adele performing in Las Angeles. Picture: Instagram.

Adele performing in Las Angeles. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jun 3, 2024


While June is marked as Youth Month in South Africa, it is also Pride Month worldwide.

Pride Month is commemorated annually to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people, and everyone in the LGBQTIA+ community.

The theme for this year is “Be You”, meaning every member of the LGBQTIA+ community must celebrate themselves as they are without holding back.

While Pride celebrations kicked off in many parts of the world, some people revealed themselves as homophobic.

At Adele’s concert in Las Angeles on Saturday, June 1, someone from the crowd shouted, “Pride sucks”, and the “Rolling In The Deep” hitmaker dragged them for their homophobic comment.

She said: “Did you come to my f**ken show to say ‘Pride Sucks’, are you f**ken stupid? Don’t be so f**ken ridiculous. If you have nothing nice to say shut up, alright.”

The crowd cheered on the Grammy-award-winning singer for standing up for queer people by calling out the homophobe.

— Pop Base (@PopBase) June 2, 2024

On social media, her fans praised her for standing up for the community that is so largely discriminated against.

“I love that one minute Adele sings like a Jesus-appointed angel from heaven, but at the slightest sign of f**kery, she turns into a blood clot boogie-down beat street ass chick willing to turn the place out and fight for what's right. A queen” commented @MissSassbox.

Another fan, @TheRochaSays, said: “Just a Queen handling business like a queen. Gotta [got to] love it. The homophobe got the attention they wanted but got smoked in the process.”