All praises to Beyoncé as Victoria Monét says she’s her idol

Victoria Monét and Beyoncé at the 66th Grammy Awards. Picture: instagram.

Victoria Monét and Beyoncé at the 66th Grammy Awards. Picture: instagram.

Published Feb 8, 2024


Do you know how people act when they see their favourite celebrity? They become excited and want to take selfies and autographs to brag to their friends and families.

That’s how other celebrities act when they see Beyoncé. She is the celebrity of celebrities.

At the 66th Grammy Awards, celebrities queued to take pictures with her and were unapologetic about it.

Although Mrs Carter has never won an “Album of the Year Award” at the Grammys, she is still an icon and consistently holds it down.

It is no secret that she is one of the most respectable stars in the music industry, and that’s why many people look up to her, including 3X Grammy Award-winning artist, Victoria Monét.

After getting a perfect picture moment with Queen B, Monét took to Instagram to express her gratitude towards the musician. She called her her idol and Inspiration.

“I was extremely nervous to come say hello to you. I swear I’m usually not even the type to have the courage, but as soon as we spoke, I felt a calm over me.

“It felt like home...and I know that sounds crazy, but I felt it, and that had to be God and some guardian angels, too! God knows how much I love you, how you’ve musically raised me and trained me to be a better performer by watching and experiencing you, and how many solo concerts I’ve had in my room, dreaming and singing into a hairbrush or remote when your albums and visuals drop!

“You’re my Diana, my Tina, my Aretha! My Bey!!! Your legacy has absolutely been my artist development…the best blueprint any performer could ever ask for but never, ever to be compared,” wrote the “On My Mama” hitmaker.

She added that as a mother and musician, she looks up to Beyoncé, who has mastered balancing work and motherhood.

“The way you have gracefully balanced motherhood and world domination is to be studied! The vulnerable display of this balance in your films and in real-time has helped me crawl out of post-partum and in a lot of ways saved my mind’s life. You’re the f*****g best!”

Beyoncé is not just an inspiration to musicians but many people all over the world, including sports stars, because of her work ethic.

She pushes them to master their craft because when it comes to her work, she puts in 110%.