Andile Ncube recalls the day kwaito star Zombo went public about his HIV status

Andile Ncube. Picture: Instagram

Andile Ncube. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 6, 2023


Late kwaito star Tebogo Ndlovu, aka Zombo, shot up the trends list this week after his ex partner took to X to talk about her HIV-positive status.

In a thread of posts, motivational speaker Lebogang Motsumi shared how she met the late star.

She detailed their relationship during their time together and said she “never associated myself with the virus.”

She recalled how she was just looking for fame. A few months after their separation he called her to ask that she tune in to watch a TV show called “Live Amp”.

“He then reached out and asked me to watch a music show on SABC1. I think it's called ‘Liveamp’ now. He appeared on the show sitting on a wheelchair.

“He then disclosed his HIV status and mentioned he went around spreading the virus cause he didn't want to die alone. #BeyondSilence,” she wrote.

Recalling the day, “Young, Famous & African” reality star, Andile Ncube, who was the executive producer of “Live Amp” at the time commented on Motsumi’s post, revealing that he will “never forget that day”.

“He called me and said, ‘we need to talk Mfo’. I’d seen him and knew he wasn’t well. I was the executive producer and host of ‘Live’ at the time. He didn’t want to disclose why he wanted to talk to me he just asked that I give him time.

“He said this is the best way to tell everyone,” wrote Ncube.

He added that he came to the studios with his entire 999 Music label crew.

"@ArthurMafokate kept saying “uzozizwela” (you will regret it).

“His health and appearance were telling of someone that was truly not well. He spoke for a couple of seconds and then boom!”

Ncube said after 20 years in the industry, that day still stands out for him.

“I remember an artist called me immediately after the show and said, he needs to change the way he lived his life, and for me that was the big WIN showing a face (known face) to this killer, AIDS! that anyone can get it and hopefully save some lives.”

The multi-media personality said he did not remember Zondo saying he “infected people purposely”.

“It’s a long time ago so memory isn’t great but I do remember him telling all the girls he’d been with to go test. He passed on a couple of weeks later.”