Anele Mdoda, Black Coffee and Lalela Mswane dragged for previously supporting Israel

Miss South Africa Lalela Lali Mswane poses during the Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Eilat, Israel, in 2021.

Miss South Africa Lalela Lali Mswane poses during the Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Eilat, Israel, in 2021.

Published Jan 12, 2024


One thing about the internet, it never forgets. Whatever you say on social media leaves a digital footprint that will haunt you forever, hence you must be mindful of what you say.

South Africa has taken a stance by taking Israel to the International Court of Justice following the genocide happening in Gaza. For the past few months, Israel has been bombing Gaza, killing thousands of Palestinians, including children.

South Africans who support the case against Israel are pleased with what the country is doing because, as a former apartheid state, they see it fitting for South Africa to take a stand.

As such, certain celebrities are catching strays for previously supporting Israel even though they knew what the Israelis were doing to Palestinians because this is something that happened overnight; it has been going on for years and it got worse in 2023.

Despite recently being in an accident, DJ Black Coffee is one of the people being dragged on social media for performing in Israel in 2018.

What caused an uproar was that the DJ performed in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the same weekend Palestinian protesters were shot dead by Israeli forces.

When the citizens and the ruling party, the African National Congress, called him out, he told them off.

“Like everyone else, I have rights and free will, and no, Black Coffee is not a political party... I work as an entertainer to feed my family. To sum it up... I'll take a bullet for my family,” he said.

Almost six years later, that statement has come back to haunt him while he lies in a hospital bed.

With South Africa defending Palestine against Israel, X users dug up that tweet to remind the people that although he’s not a political party, politics affect everyone.

“Black Coffee performing in an apartheid state because he has ‘children to feed’ while those same children were living in a house without utilities because he was withholding financial assistance from their mother was mad business,” said @GodessOshun.

Anele Mdoda was not spared either because in May 2016 she was in Israel and couldn’t stop praising its beauty.

What made people question her stance was the fact that she posted a picture of the “beautiful” Israel on May 15, which is also known as Nakba Day – a day in which Palestinians were forcefully removed from their homeland during the Arab-Israeli war in 1948.

The tweet has been resurrected and X users are dragging her for being ignorant.

@_Sammy_Sam__ wrote: “Bring it back all the time!!! Those who advocate for genocidal apartheid should only rest when those under the occupation find peace!”

Former Miss South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane also received flak. In 2021, when the Miss Universe pageant was in Israel, she decided to go despite the country’s outcry not to.

She had a childhood dream to fulfil and she did because she won second place at Miss Universe 2021. Was it worth the cost though? South Africans now refer to her as a beauty queen with no backbone.

“Other Miss SAs have gone down to settle down and marry doctors and keep serving face and looking cute on IG, kodwa (but) Lalela will always be known for participating in an apartheid state. That’s her legacy because ‘her dreams are valid’,” said @lerrykins_.

Another X user, @wandi_mthembu, said: “Whilst everyone is still talking about Lalela Mswane, don't forget to also hold the Miss South Africa org accountable for sending her to Israel and to hold the Miss Universe organisation accountable for agreeing to host its pageant in Israel despite international condemnation.”

Below are more reactions from people who dragged South African celebrities who have previously supported Israel.